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Gujarat Places to see ADALAJ VAV

Location : 18 Kms North Of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Meaning : Step Well.

Built By : Ruda, Wife Of Vaghela Chief Vir Sinh.

Built In : 1499 AD.

The rich culture and heritage of Gujrat’s past is visible once you visit Adalaj Vav situated in Ahmedabad. The monument is backed with a fascinating true story. The monument derives its name from ‘Vav’ or step-well.  Adalaj Vav houses a great well inside it which draws the attention of most tourists. Those who are aware of the history of this monument will die to have a glimpse of this well.

Architecture :

History : The motive behind the construction of this monument includes a lamenting story. As per the folklore, Vaghela chief Vir Sinh was killed by Sultan Beghara and took Vir Sinh’s kingdom under his possession. Sultan then sent a marriage proposal to Vir Sinh’s wife Queen Rudabai. After Vaghela King’s death his wife Rudabai engaged herself in making of Adlaj Vav in the King’s memory. Hence, Rudabai begged for some time from Sultan, so that she could complete the memorial of her husband before she marries the Sultan.

Sultan Beghara accepted the queen’s request without hesitation. But unfortunately he didn’t come to know the intentions behind Rudabia’s request. Queen Rudabai consequently made the construction lengthy and it continued for almost 20 years. Patience was wearing thin for Sultan and he insisted Rudabai for marriage again. The queen then committed suicide by jumping into the well from jumping from one of the balconies of this monument.

It is said that the queen took Jalsamadhi for the dual purpose of saving her honor and pleasing the Jal Devi so that the well is blessed with a perennial supply of water.

Architecture of the Monument :

The monument is constructed intricately and it rests on a total number of 16 pillars. Eight of the pillars are set on the corners and each front side of the monument has a pair of pillars. This exquisitely decorated monument has 4 in-built shrines fitted with doors, windows and balconies. These shrines are placed on the four corners of the main platform of this monument. The stepped corridor that leads you to the well starts for this square platform.

The frames  that surrounds the spiral flight of steps are all embellished with ‘parikrama’ that comprises enlarged version of frames set around the niches.

How to get there?

This renowned monument is situated in Junagadh. The location is just 18 kms north  of Ahmedabad.

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