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Gujarat Places to see ASHOKAN ROCK EDICTS

Location : Junagadh, Gujarat.

Built By :

Contains : 14 Edicts Issued By Ashoka.

Junagadh city in Gujarat is speckled with some of the great and remarkable forts and monuments of India. Ashokan rock edicts in Junagadh will take you to the glorious period of Mauryan dynasty which once swept the whole world with its edicts of Buddhism. Unlike the luxuriously decorated monuments built by Mogul emperors, Ashokan rock edicts in Junagadh is historically important for its inscriptions on granite boulders.

Prime Attraction :

The Ashokan rock edicts in Junagadh were first discovered by James Todd in 1822. The boulders bearing the inscriptions are perched on the slopes of Girinagara Hills, which is also known as Urjayata. On the eastern side of the hill, you can find 14 rock edicts. All the inscriptions are written in ‘Prakrit’ language that makes these inscriptions a priceless piece of history. These inscriptions date back to 3rd century BC and they talk about moral human values, of peace, harmony and tolerance.

Other Attractions :

Apart from the 14 edicts, two epigraphs namely Mahakshatrapa Rudradaman I and Skandagupta were also found on the hills of Girinagara. These two epigraphs describes about the turbulent storms which caused the breaking down of the dam situated on the Sudarshan Lake.

Brief Description of the Edicts :

The fourteen edicts speak about the following :

First Edict : Human sacrifice should be stopped and futile rituals should be banned.

Second Edict : Installing medical facilities for human and animals.

Third Edict : Instructing the government servants to perform their duties.

Fourth Edict : Elaborately defines the third edict.

Fifth Edict : Enforcement of the edicts by Dharma Mahmantris.

Sixth Edict : All subjects can have unlimited access t its kings.

Seventh Edict : All religions should reside in harmony.

Eighth Edict : All tours should serve the purposes of Dharma and there shall be no hunting tours.

Ninth Edict : The superstitious rituals should be dismissed as an unimportant activity.

Tenth Edict : Saying no to corruption.

Eleventh Edict : List of ‘Dharma’ activities that people will follow among their kith and kin.

Twelfth Edict : All the different sects should be respected equally.

Thirteenth Edict : The importance of Dharma in life.

Fourteenth Edict : This contains an epilogue of all the 13 edicts and surveys the compositional features of these edicts.

All these edicts mark the benevolent attitude of the transformed King.

How to reach?

Various tours are operated by professional tour operators in Junagadh, which can easily take you to this historical monument.

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