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Gujarat one of developed states of India. It is located over the west coast of the country. Gujarat has earned the position of the most industrialized state of India. Gujarat is rich in many aspects like crafts, history, nature, tourist locations, education institutions and scenic beauty. Everybody must know that, it is a home place of Mahatma Gandhi; the father of India. The state is a sure place of several culture and convention. The forms of Gujarat culture is an integral structure of Indian culture. Gujarat is developing with world, but the Gujarat's people have still preserved the great culture and tradition of Gujarat.

The noticeable thing of Gujarat is their colorful dresses. People who live in Gujarat are known as 'Gujaratis'. People of Gujarat, are very friendly and warm by nature, the living style of the people is very simple, this adds the more beauty into the beautiful cultural Gujarat. You can see their richness of Gujarati art and architecture, as a reflection in their daily style. The people of Gujarat, with calm and peaceful nature, are known for their care and desire towards all life forms. Cultural diversity is founded by the ethnic groups, in the Gujarati population. The ethnic groups are categorized as Dravidian, and Indic. The Indic group consist Bhadela, mina castes, Nagar Brahman and Rabri; the Dravidian group comprises tribes like Macchi-Kharwa, Kopi, Naikda and Dubla. The other population comes under Bhil Tribe, which show mixed characteristics. You can identify the different parts of the state people through the different types of character tics, which display the diversity of Gujarat culture. The people come from Kachha, must be hard by nature and which are blessed by the rare spirit action and brilliance towards business organization. Despite people who come from the peninsular Saurashtra must be artistic; in other hand people who comes from northern Gujarat are more of simpler with the more practical outlook. Southern Gujurati people are very gentle, sophisticated and loving.

You can find diversity in Gujarat's population; one fifth portion of the population is scheduled castes, the highest numbers of scheduled caste people are in Ahmedabad. In total population 70% people are Hindu, rest of the population includes Muslims and Jains. The urbanized population is one third of total population. The folk story and folk art plays an important role in Culture of Gujarat. If you will search, you will find that most of the Gujarat art, tradition and cultural convention are forwarded from the earlier period of Lord Krishna. There is saying that people of Gujarat have natural affection of singing and dancing. Almost every Gujarati festival includes dance and singing; they have special songs and dance forms for every festival and occasion which they celebrate all over the year. Through this festivals, dance and songs they have preserved their great tradition.

Every must be know the famous dance form of Gujarat is Ras and Garba. They have many folk dance forms, which includes Dangi Nritya, Tippani Nritya and Siddi dance and also the tribal dance forms. The most famous folk drama of Gujarat is Bhavai. Through Gujarati handicrafts and art, Gujarat has reached in worldwide. It is a soul aspect of culture of Gujarat.

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