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Gujarat Places to see BEADWORK

At a Glance :

Belongs To : Gujarat

Major Centers : Khambat

Major Art Form : Beadwork Frizes

Other Art Form : Stone Jewellery

Beadwork is one of the specialties of Gujarat's art and craft. The technique of beadwork is of putting the three or two beads combine. The patterns and motifs are dictated to this art through these techniques. Beadwork art is used in the wall decoration and potholders, etc. 'Kathis' are mostly known as producer of best beadwork. This art mostly done on the white background, they use beautiful and vibrant colors on white background with very distinct patterns. Over the doorways generally beadwork 'torns' are used. Beadwork art required lots of skill and hard work. Beadwork art is very closely and nicely stitched together, that’s why it is also used to curve to make bags and other articles too. The stitching is so strong and hard that it does not even need fabric give support.

Khambat is the center for the bead making. From Ahmedabad , it just takes an hour to reach Khambat. The art of beadwork and stone cutting craft in Khambat is begun from ancient times. Along with the hills of Gulf of Khambat, the agate is pitted. The process of beadwork starts with the drying heating, they heated & dried until they crack frequently and after that they begin cutting and reheating by iron oxide. After all this process the stone gets flaked & chipped into beads, previous to the process of drilling, grinding and polishing. When the ultimate product come out then, the artisans set it into the utensils or ornaments. The other earlier and semi stones are too get polished & cut in Khambat. The price range of the beadwork product starts from the Rs. 15/- till three thousand rupees/- or extra than this whole set. There are also more states which are known for beadwork art such as Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Rajkot and Jamnagar.

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