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Gujarat Places to see GURJARI

Belongs To : Gujarat state

Major Art Form :
Handicrafts of the state

Outlets : Major Indian Cities

The sole motto behind the establishment of Gujarat State Handicrafts Corporation was developing, marketing, promoting the beautiful handicrafts for which the Gujarat state has been renowned from the earlier time to the present day. The marketing outlets of the corporation which are located in the major leading cities of India are known as 'Gurjari'. You can easily recognize it by the circular golden symbol which is displaying a smiling sun surrounded by brilliant rays of light. Besides their outlets, Gurjari also organize exhibitions in other cities as well.

The artifacts about the Gurjari are furniture, jewellery, furnishing and textiles which attracts the most discerning buyer. The Gurjari's spatiality is Spanked wooden furniture. There are also some other noticeable things like metal jewellery, baked clay items, copper bells, storage box and a host of their other delightful items. Complex embroidered fabrics or clothes include blouses, jackets, shirts and kurtas. The major success of the corporation is day by day sales increasing and also important thing is many artisans have became self sufficient, because of the skilled assistance which they have got. You can find the Gurjari emporia in around the country like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, New Delhi, Lucknow and Bangalore.

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