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Gujarat Places to see WOOD WORK

Belongs to : Gujarat

Major Centers : Sankheda, near by Vadodara

Major Art Form : Minakari, Lacquered furniture and wood carving

In Southern Gujarat, there is one more handicraft industry has been established, it is of the lacquered furniture of Sankheda which is near to famous place Vadodara.  The furniture which is manufactured in the Surat, Saurashtra and Kachchh are also popular. The artisans surround the wood with tools and painted with amazing and attractive designs which they paint in bright shades of silver, green, silver, brown and vermilion with the help of sticks dipped in a mixture of colored dyes, lace, resin and powered zinc.   Lacquered furniture which contains the similarity to Sankheda is also made in Mahuva which is near Surat, Kachchh and Bhavnagar. Minakari furniture which is comes from Rajkot is now only made by some families; but it is very much attractive as per the Sankheda furniture which includes low slung chairs, which has changed the style of cross leg sitting on floors, chairs, settees, Indian styles sofa sets and centre tables.

There are textile centers such s Kachchh, Jetpur and Pethapur it is a village of Gandhinagar district. If you are interested to buy Indian furniture then the old wooden blocks is a good buy for you. it is used for the printing fabrics which you can joined into the table top, ornamental pieces or paper weights, decorative partition or screen or used as door knobs.

Lacquer Work :

In Gujarat, Saurashtra and Sanked which is in the Vadodara district are very much for their lacquer work. There are many things which come under lacquer work category like parts of bedstead, cradles, toys, low chairs etc. In the preparation of artistic bangles and inlay work, the Ivory is mostly used by the artisans. There are two places which are known for the manufacturing of wooden lacquer toys, Idar in Sabarkantha district and Mahuva in Bhavnagar district. These two villages are very much famous for their lacquer toys and for lacquer work Sankheda village in very much known which is in Baroda district. The wood work is usually done on the country wood which gives darker shades and the coating is done on the fine lac.

Woodcarving :

It is an ancient art form of the Gujarat. It requires a very excellent standard of technical skill. If you are curious to see the woodcarving then you can visit the temples and houses in various parts of Gujarat. The artisans of wood portray the life like figures of animals to design the wood and everyday objects, stools, table lamps and toys.  As it is an ancient time art, so in the temples you can observe the exotic woodcarving work; also in the haveli and other ordinary houses of Gujarat. The essential parts of woodcarving are Bilimora, Mahuva, Visnagar, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. The boxes of sandal wood are also very much famous in Surat.

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