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Gujarat Places to see DWARKADHISH TEMPLE

Fast Facts :

Location : Dwarka (Jamnagar District)

Accommodations : Hotel Express Residency, Hotel Aram, Hotel President.

How to Reach Here : Direct buses available from Jamnagar Dwarka. Dwarka is a station on the Ahmedabad-Okha broad guage railway line. Its nearest airport is Jamnagar.

Dedicated To : Lord Krishna

Dwarakadhish temple is situated on the Gomti creek, and is known as Jagat Mandir or Trilok Sundar, The city is known as Swarna Dwarka that means the golden Dwarka,  due to its opulence. It is even in the reference of the immense Hindu heroic of Mahabharata that after Shri Krishna slaughtered Kansa, his maternal uncle his father-in-law was livid. In order to payback his son-in-law, he molested Mathura seventeen times, seeking the help of Kalayavan, his friend. In order to hoard the people from the danger of the war, he relocated his resources from Mathura to Dwarka that was a land piece near the sea. Vishwakarma, by the extraterrestrial architect constructed and designed the city. Been a premeditated city, the presence of the lord was felt on the land and so was bestowed as the capital.  After his parting to the finishing domicile, the Yaduvansh (Krishna's clan) turn down. It is understood that the unique city got submerged in the waters after the departure of the Lord from the world.

Originally it is believed that Dwarakadhish temple was constructed by Vajranabh, Lord Krishna was his great grandfather and it was constructed more than two thousand five hundred years ago, it has an eye-catching structure rising from the Arabian Sea. The temple’s elegantly carved shikhar, of 43 m in height and 52 m gigantic flag finished from yards of cloth which is visible from about a distance of 10 kms. The magnificence temple enchanced by the voyage of fifty six steps that heads towards the rear Gomti River side. The temple is constructed of squashy limestones and bears a sanctum, rectangular hall and vestibule porches on 3 sides. There are two gateways for the temple one is the Swarga Dwar which is the gateway to the heavens, where the pilgrims enter and other is Moksha Dwar which is the gateway to liberation, from here the pilgrims exit.

Dwarakadhish temple is festooned with affluent carving and is a gem of architecture. This temple is one of the most imperative Moksh Dhams belonging to India. It has a marvelous river view of Gomti which flows  near  the temple. It is crowded with1000’s of pilgrims very year. In the temple pooja is conducted everyday by Aboti Brahmins (a particular caste of Brahmins who perform pooja since centuries). Arti, Abhishek is done on regular intervals. Everyday the idol of the Lord is decked up in New Clothes, Flowers and Jewels. The major festival that is celebrated in the temple is Janmashtami, during this time festival; the entire temple is garlanded with lights.

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