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Gujarat Places to see MOUNT GIRNAR

Fast Facts :

Location : Junagadh District

Attractions :
Hindu and Jain Temples, mainly Neminath Temple

How to Reach Here : Buses are the best way to reach Junagadh; it is just 102 km from Rajkot you can get ST buses from here. There are also two express trains that run on the Ahmedabad-Veraval line.

Accommodations : The Lotus Hotel

Mount Girnar is the premier point of Gujarat from centuries it has being one from the most vital pilgrimage site in the western part of India, with jain temples and eight hundred sixty six Hindu temples surrounded with five summits. Girnar Temple represents a true blend of art and devotion . The art forms used in these temples are amazing which have stood the test of time and cruelty of various invaders, despite all this, the art forms of the temples still retains its glory. The hike of the mountain is started in the morning with the intension of pilgrim. The pedestal of the mountain is popular by the name of Girnar Taleti, which is 4km east from the centre of Junagadh. Here the pilgrim begins at the Damodar Kund, close to the Baldvji and Damodar temples. During the 15th century the poet Narsinh Mehta used to bathe here and is supposed to have composed most of his morning hymns like the prabhatiya, here. Going up on the stone pathway which hooks up the temples with the five summits, one passes through temples of several dissimilar sections of Hinduism. Bhavnath Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, where “naked-sadhus” arrive for Shivaratri celebration.

After climbing 4000 steps and just 800 steps before the first summit of The Mount Girnar, is the complex of the Jain Temple which you can experience after reaching the plateau. The temples that was in existence from the 12th century to 16th century, is the location of Neminath Temple is the main attraction of Girnar, the temple has an idol of Lord Neminath with jeweled eyes in black granite, the ceilings bare carvings and sculptures of Dancing Goddesses, the twenty second Jainism’s tirthankar Bhagwan Neminath renounced all pleasures and reached the highest state of enlightment they were Keval Gyan and Moksha, he followed his path and founded the ‘Sandhvi Sangh’, the organization for women ascetics, he passed away after seven hundred years of abstemious meditation. Apart from this there is a Mallinath Temple that is dedicated to the 19th Trithankar,and   was constructed by Vastupal and Tejpal. A further 2000 step ahead is Amba Mata Temple which is a trip for Jains and Hindus, even newlyweds looking for blessings for their married life. These two thousand steps are daunting but merit trip for its magnificent striking overview as of the summit. Moving forward climbing thousand steps downwards and thousand steps upwards to the other summit, there is a temple dedicated to Kalika, here is the Aghora ascetics smudge themselves with ashes of the funeral. The Jain Temples at The Mount Girnar attract devotees to both Shewtambar and Digambar are the well-known sects of Jainism. There is another Jain temple; the Parshwanath Temple which was built in 15th century which is also known has Meravasi.

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