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Gujarat Places to see HAMIRSAR LAKE

Hamirsar Lake is located in Bhuj. Hamirsar Lake provides wonderful opportunities to relax and cool off on a hot and humid day. People who wish to swim head toward Hamirsar Lake. Visitors can merely sit amid the trees and enjoy the tranquil and peaceful waters. Many local women perform elaborate laundry services here.

Walking by the edge of the lake is a wonderful way to move from one place to another. Many famous structures lie in close proximity to Hamirsar Lake’s eastern side, including the Praga Mahal, Aina Mahal, Ramkund Stepwell, Swaminarayan Temple, Ram Dhun Temple, Alfred High School, and Kutch Museum.

A walk from Aina Mahal to Swaminarayan Temple passes through all major sites. The walk should last for half an hour. The other side of the  lake is home to Sharad Baug palace. It also contains the road toward the royal chhatardis.

Hamirsar Lake
is 500 years old. When the lake overflows in the monsoons, the local inhabitants celebrate the event. They observe a holiday for one whole day. Many locals perform puja along its banks. The lake has overflowed for merely 18 times since India attained independence.

Visitors coming from Ahmedabad may find the bus more convenient in comparison to the train. It is, however, more expensive. Numerous privately run companies operate sleeper buses replete with a complete horizontal bunk. It leaves Ahmedabad for Bhuj from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. It arrives in Bhuj the following day anywhere between 6:00 am and 8:00 am. The offices of these companies are situated around Ahmedabad’s Paldi area. Two recommended companies include Patel Travels and Sahjanand Travels. Private, non-sleeper buses are also available. State Transport or ST buses are more affordable but less comfortable.

Bhuj Express and Kutch Express are two express trains that run on a daily basis.

Ahmedabad is covered in 8 hours. Mumbai can be reached within 16 hours. Both trains make their way through Ahmedabad in the night. The schedules are developed in such a way that both Bhuj and Mumbai should be reached during reasonable hours.

Daily flights connect Bhuj to Mumbai. While in Bhuj, State Transport buses cover the district’s larger destinations. Private jeeps can also be hired. Smaller areas can be accessed only by chhakdas.

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