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Gujarat Places to see BHILS TRIBE

At a Glance :

Belongs To : In Gujarat, Broach, Bulsar, Baroda, Sabarkantha, Dangs, Banaskantha and Surat

Identified : Kolis

Attractions : broadest Gujarati tribe

Popular Festivals : Diwali, Nandarvo, Holi, Diwaso and Dussera

This tribe is the largest Gujarati tribe. Gujarati tribe consists of Warlis, Gamits, Dhodias, Kuknas, Naikas, Dhodias and Dublas. Densely populated tribes are such as Surat, Bulsar, Banaskantha, Baroda, Dangs, Sabarkantha and Broach. Kolis and Bhils are the oldest traditional rulers of Gujarat. Asha Bhil was the founder of Asaval Ashapalli. It is the earliest site of the developed city Ahmedabad and the local Anahil Bharvad; they help in finding the city to Vanraja. Their tribe's name originated from Major Erskine and to Dravidian 'Bilu' name of a bow. It is a major weapon of this tribe. The meaning of the 'Bhil' is bowman; they are skilled in the practice of arrows and bow.

There are some types of Bhil tribe such as Vasava Bhils, Tadvi Bhuils, Valvi Bhils, Bhilala, and Bhil Garasia. They live in their individual or separate Phalas or Pals. These Bhils have different culture and way of living. Bhils tribe is managed in the large father like groups which are called as Odakh, Atak, and Kul. Atak is a name of a  clan, it has many lineages. You will observe the unity among Indo – Aryan tract; this group is available in the dialects. In Bhil tribe, they have many customs which require huge expenditures on wedding occasions and liquor. On these occasions Bhil tribe have communal folklore and they dance on the folk songs. In this tribe, women get protective position, they enjoy social and economical equality from their childhood.

Bhil tribal produce Bajra, Ragi, Jowar in Surat, Sabarkantha and Panchmahals and they also practice cattle fodder for poultry business. They do this occupations for dietary and economic purposes.They  used food or chicken for ritual customs and beliefs for their God and Goddesses in the festivals like Marriages, Holi, Death and Tribal gatherings. To increase the economic side they sell the products in their weekly haats. In this tribe, they believe in sexual activity, so for them marriage is inevitable;  they take heavy dowry from groom side.

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