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Gujarat Places to see GIR NATIONAL PARK

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Location : Junagarh District, Gujarat

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Coverage Area : 1412 sq kilometers

Famous for : Asiatic lion

Gir National Park is a tract of deciduous forests that are that are home to the threatened species of Asiatic lions. Established in 1965, this park is a home to several habitats of flora and fauna that thrive successfully in this conservation area. The park is a famous tourist site. It is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts.

Besides deciduous trees that cover most part of Gir National Park, there are several types of vegetations like acacia shrubs, grasslands and other semi-green floral plants. The park area is covered with dense forests of Jamun, Teak, and Dhak trees. There are more than 400 species of plants that grow in this massive area. The park is a popular research area for the biologists and anthropologists. The evergreen forests of this park usually have broad leaves for storing large amount of moisture content.

A sumptuous variety of wildlife is found in Gir National Park. There are more than 23000 species of fauna that thrive in the jungles. The park is a home to a large variety of insects and birds. Among mammals, nilgai, antelope, chinkara, chital, porcupine and hare are the most common herbivores. Those looking for more adventures, there are many reptilian residents including lizards, crocodiles, pythons, and tortoises. Some of these reptiles thrive in water while others prefer bushy and shady areas of the forest.

Gir is famous for innumerable avifauna population that also includes vultures and other scavengers. The bird-lovers can hope to see some of the typical species of the park like hawk eagle, fish owl, bush quail, bonelli's eagle etc.

Gir National Park is the home to endangered species of Asiatic lions; in fact it is the only habitat left for this carnivore animal. These majestic beasts can be seen in the morning and evening. The authorities have arranged shows where one can see these ferocious animals in their full fury. Tourists can also opt for guided tours that are really helpful in exploring large parts of the forests with numerable opportunities of watching wild life. 

Climatic Conditions of the Park

The summers are usually long and hot. Tourists must avoid their visits during this period. The Monsoon and winter period offer some relief. Less rainfall is a crucial factor for the forests as additional water has to be provided through tankers at the time of scanty rainfall.

Tourist attractions of the park

Watching Wildlife : This national park is a home to diverse flora and fauna which gives the tourists ample opportunities to satisfy their curiosities. One gets to see innumerable animal and bird species, can explore their habitats and get to know more about them.

Culture : The Park boasts of ancient temples which are the pilgrimage places for many. Kankai Mata is such a temple. A herd known by the name of Madharis is very famous here. They rear buffalos and have traditional lifestyle.

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