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Location : Rajkot, Gujarat

Opened In : 1980

Coverage Area : 654 hectares

Famous For :
Flora, fauna and educational camps

Time to Visit :
Rainy season

Visiting Charges : Rs. 10 for Indians (vehicle charge Rs. 20), $ 5 for foreigners (vehicle charge $ 5)

Located in the taluka of Jasdan, Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary is a magnificent sanctuary that is replete with profuse vegetation and several different varieties of fauna. It is located in the vicinity of rugged hills, beautiful grasslands and amazing soil patterns. The jungle area wakes to full vigor and liveliness in the rainy season when the sanctuary presents itself with an enchanting view.

Attractions of the sanctuary

Floral Diversity : Different topographical and geographical features that surround the forest area are the ideal habitats of a wide variety of deciduous trees and huge grasslands. One can get to see trees of Acacia Senegal, Gugal, Vikalo, and Baval. In addition, there are numerous scrubby trees any many forms of grasses.

Fauna Diversity : The multiple ecosystems that exist in Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary support several species of animals and wildlife. Chinkara is the most prominent animal found here. Visitors can encounter other wild beasts like wolf, porcupine, mongoose, jackals, and nilgai. In addition, thee are about 20 species of reptiles that are thriving to the forest. The unexpected encounters with these deadly creatures can enthrall one.

Avifauna Diversity :
Place is a must see site for ornithologists as well as bird-lovers. There are over 230 varieties of birds that are found in the jungle premises. Some of these birds are bulbul, weaver, hawk, and spotted eagle. The sanctuary also shelters migratory or seasonal birds that flock to this area during winter season. The enchanting views of these winged creatures flying in huge numbers can make the visitors spellbound. This picture-perfect place is an ideal destination for those who want to get lost in the charm of these colorful species.

Nature Education : The presence of multiple physical, ecological, geographical, and hydrological features at the site of Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary have earned it a distinction of a place for nature-education. Every year, educational camps are organized which provide information about the importance of the physical features upon the ecological balance. Most of these camps are pre-booked and are often quite informative as they help one in understanding the importance of conservation of wildlife. A cacti house has been opened to let the visitors be informed about the importance of food chain and factors affecting it.

Best Season to Visit : Rainy season is considered best for visiting this sanctuary as it is during this period that the place flowers to its full bloom. A charmingly green ambience is created at this time and fascinates the visitors. It is during this time, that both flora and fauna flourish extensively. The pleasure of wandering the lush green forests and enjoying the liveliness of wild animals at this time is one of the rarest experiences of life.

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