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Location : Ambaji, Gujarat

Opened In : 1978

Coverage Area : 180 sq kilometers

Famous For : Sloth Bear

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary is located at a distance of about 35 kilometers from Palanpur. Situated in Banaskantha district, this sanctuary is famous for preserving the species of Sloth bear, which is one of the unique species of bears in the world.

The sanctuary lies along Jessore hill and is blessed with rare and exotic species of animals. The place is rich in diverse flora and fauna. In order to conserve the ecosystem, the forest authorities have adopted various steps to preserve the wildlife. The forest area is a unique combination of several different ecosystems like deserts and deciduous forests.

Attractions of the sanctuary :

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary is known for preserving the endangered sloth bear. This animal is found in different parts of Asia like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. There are two major species of this unique bear, namely Indian and Sri Lankan bear. Sloth bear is an omnivorous anima that feeds on fruits, termites, and grasses. Most of the diet comprises of fruits. They are known to survive in wet forests and shrubs.

Flora :

The sanctuary is known to be the home of diverse vegetation including deciduous, shrubs, and arid vegetation. There are over 400 species of different plants that are known to exist in the dense forests of the sanctuaries. Out of these, the largest portion is covered with herbs. There are more than 190 herb varieties and over 47 shrubs that form part of the forest flora. Some of these vegetations are listed in the category of endangered; species.

Fauna :

Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary is abundant in variety of fauna. Besides sloth bear, the other animals that can be found include leopard, porcupine, wild boar, blue bull, sambar etc. The other endangered animals that are harbored are wolf, caracal, jungle cat, and civet. One can also hope to find reptilian species of Indian python, Flap-shelled Turtle, and Varanus. Deadly species of krait, cobra, Russels viper and lizard are found in abundance.

Avifauna :

Among the avifauna varieties that adore the jungles of Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary include jungle fowls, black Ibis, white-rumped vultures, and minivets. Some of these birds are included in endangered and vulnerable categories. The most common vulnerable species are different types of vultures like Indian vulture, red-headed vulture, and white-rumped vulture. The other birds that attract tourist attraction are woodpeckers, barbets, egrets, raptors, cranes, shrikes, and spoonbills.

It is best to visit the sanctuary in Monsoon and rainy season. It is because at this time, one can hope to find maximum number of wild animals. There are myriad opportunities for adventure-seekers who cannot only spend time in watching birds and animals, but can also enjoy trekking, camping, and hiking. The jungle is an ideal place for the ornithologists and lovers of bird-watching that get ample chances to explore the varieties of colorful birds. Their form, size, color, and bright plumages are attractive to eyes.

Conservation at Sanctuary :

The sanctuary provides protection to wildlife, especially to the sloth bear, under Act of Wild Life Protection. Efforts have been made to educate local people about the importance of conservation of natural resources and wildlife. Efforts have been made to preserve the natural habitats of these wild species so that they can thrive there successfully.

The Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary is a worth-visiting site for the nature enthusiasts.

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