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With sheer diversity in landscape and size, Maharashtra amazes every visitor. While the long stretch of coastline and range of hills and mountains are a part of Maharastra’s natural beauty, the caves, forts and heritage buildings exhibits masonry talent and craftsmanship of Indian history.  Marked as the third largest state in India, Maharashtra is the home of many natural and manmade wonders that pull the attention of national as well as international tourists. The state is a repository of some great monuments that holds legacies of heroes of past India. Much of the grandeur of Indian history can be witnessed in Maharashtra. The state holds plethora of greenery even today, which is manifested by the forested path in the hilly areas of Mahrashtra. This wilderness along the hilly tracts of the state throb every visitor’s heart. The meandering trails along the rocky terrains of Maharashtra are tarmacked for tourist’s convenience to give them access to the mysterious and stunning lands of hilly regions.

Bordering the Arabian Sea at its west, Maharashtra has some of the great beaches within its territories. The 530 km coastline offers a wide variety of beach scenes ranging from the earthy and languid beaches of Bassein and Harnai to the plush beaches of Juhu and marine Drive. The adventure-buffs can quench their thirst of exciting exploration at the beaches of Shriwardhan-Harihareshwar and Velneshwar. The historically famed beaches like Dahanu-Bordi, Vijaydurg-Sindhudurg also exist in the long stretch of Maharashtra’s coastline.

The focal point of Maharshtra lies in its wealth of caves. The state has remarkably beautiful caves like Ajanta, Ellora, Elephanta caves and many more to mention. The architectural finesse of these caves astounds tourists of all age and stripe. For generations the caves of Maharashtra were swathed by mystery regarding their construction. The ancient caves, set within the precincts of mountains speaks of the historical instances of India.

The valor of the people of Maharashtra is illustrated by the numerous forts all over the state. The forts mostly set within the wilderness amidst the mountains. The natural settings around the fort compliment the structure perfectly offering a great tourist package. The state has a stupendous figure of 350 forts allover its area. Among these forts prominent ones have been built during the  reign of Chatrapati Shivaji- the legendary hero of Maharashtra. Almost every fort showcases a small temple within, which describes the powerful inspiration of Maratha fighters.

The tourist destination doesn’t confine within forts, caves and beaches and extends to interesting programs like festivals, fairs. The safari tours and well-crafted treks organized by the tour operators add up to the adventure Maharshtra offers.

Visit Maharashtra -the adventure station of India. The manifold excitement in the state will leave you spellbound.

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