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Maharashtra Places to see FORTS TREKKING

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Region : Maharashtra State

Forts : Rajmachi Forts, Shreevardhan Fort

People who haven't tried trekking and rock climbing for those doing trekking on the forts is perfect. Most of the new trekkers try trekking on the Rajmachi Fort; this Rajmachi Fort is very unique and known for its beauty and also for its features which are historical. You can reach this fort of Rajmachi by going through Lonavala town onwards to the plateau of Khandala. You won't believe but Lonavala railway station is a very  essential station for the network of Indian rail. When will you make a plan to go for trekking on the Rajmachi fort, try to reach  the Rajmachi fort early in the morning and start trekking as soon as possible because after morning eleven o'clock you won't be allowed to do trekking because after eleven, the rocks of the fort gets hot because of the sun heat, which makes your trekking next to impossible. To reach this fort take the Mumbai and Pune highway, take a  right turn and it will be easy to reach  this fort by following the way showing signboards, which show the way to the Tungarli lake. The way leads toward the hill of Tungarli and after that take a left. After taking a left turn, you will get a very dirty way which will help you to reach the Tungarli Lake. This is a very small Lake; this Lake is in a  very good condition only after the season of Monsoon. You can take water from this Lake because this is the end point from where you can have water. People who don’t like or don’t want to walk on the road, they can hire an auto rickshaw. While going on towards the Tungarli hill, you will get to see a water dam and also the Lake.On the north side of the Lake, here, there is also village of Tungrali. After leading up by the small pass, the fort starts being visible. After the walk of  two hours, you can see the path and the trail reaching  the Rajmachi fort. When you start following the path of the fort, round the fort, you will see the village called Udhewadi. A little bit before this village, there is a temple which is committed to the Kalbhairavnath. People can  camp near this temple or can stay within the temple. Near this temple, there is a water tank; it is on the left side of the Temple. While camping here, you can cook food or else you can buy food from the near by village, food like Chutney and Bhakari. 

After reaching  there are 2 Rajmachi forts. When you climb on the fort, you will really feel that  trekking on the fort is worthy. Another fort is known as Shreevardhan fort. This fort is just on the opposite side of the temple Kalbhairavnath. In this fort, there are 2 caves which are very deep, which belongs to the origin of Buddhist, but this fort does not include any decorative architecture and carving. When you go behind the temple, you will get to see the plains, which looks very nice from this place. While coming back from the forts, by following the trail, you will be lead towards the caves which is called as the Kondana caves. Chaitya, Stupa, Sculptures and Vihara are the rock cut of the caves which belongs to the Buddhists. While entering inside the caves, be careful, because there is some fuzz cut hanging on the entrance. Avoid peeling orange, smoking, cutting garlic and onion because of all this things, the bees will come on you.


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