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Maharashtra Places to see WATERSPORTS IN MUMBAI

  • Location : Mumbai which is the capital of Maharashtra

  • Modes of transport : Roadways, railways and airways.

  • Accommodation : Hotels in Mumbai

  • Games : parasailing, jet boats and rowing, etc.

Watersports in Mumbai is established due to the large and vast area for beach that distinguishes it from any other place. It has got a unique distinction because of being the capital city and due to the water sports complex that occurs in a full fledged manner. This was set up by the Drishti Adventure Limited, which was further supported by the Government of Maharashtra and also Popcorn Entertainment.

The watersports in Mumbai and the area was firstly inaugurated by Sunil Shetty, who is a film star, and the sports are being carried out right from April 19. The games are very interesting and make everyone enjoy irrespective of their age. The games are of a wide range and a few of them are listed as follows: canoeing, parasailing, kayaking, water skiing, jet boating and wind surfing. Rowing gives a great pleasure to people. The centre that manages the watersports in Mumbai are safeguarding people all the time in order to ensure that they do not face any difficulty, as people of all ages visit these places. There are no restrictions at anytime and anyone can enjoy the sports.

Good communication facilities are also provided. The games available are very thrilling and very adventurous. Hence, these are mainly for people who love to have fun. In order to enjoy the watersports in Mumbai, the government has provided easier means of Transport like roads, rails and air so that these are convenient to all people.

The accommodations for people who visit this place are ample and luxurious and also based upon the needs in order to satisfy them. The private hotels and government hotels offer good places for accommodation at an affordable rate. There are also several nearby attractions and these are also major tourist spots. Hence, with all the amenities above, anyone who wishes to enjoy the watersports in Mumbai will love their Culture and the sports available there.

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