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Maharashtra Places to see MAHARASHTRA ARCHAEOLOGY

Maharashtra has a unique and very distinct culture. Understanding and having keen observation at the construction of caves and palaces which are magnificent and embellishing the beauty of Maharashtra.

Ajanta Caves :

Recognized by the UNESCO, Ajanta is one of the supreme historical monuments situated at Jalgaon city of Maharashtra, India. In all it has 30 caves inside it of which 9, 10, 19, 26 and 29 are chaitya grihas and the others are monasteries. In Ad 1819, the Ajanta Caves were discovered. The carving and the paintings on the wall of caves depict Buddhist religion, Bodhisattvas, event from the life of Buddhas and Jatakas.

Bhaja Caves :

Bhaja Caves is located 40-km from Pune. It’s a religious destination for tourist in Pune. Bhaja is a holy place of Buddhists constructed in 2nd Century most probably at the time of Maurya Kings in India. Bhaja Caves are located in the District of Aurangabad and comprises of 18 Caves. The caves are carved with the beautiful images of Buddha’s with the fine precision along with the Buddhists tales and different myths.

Elephanta Caves :

Elephanta Caves is the greatest tourist attraction in the neighborhood of the large Mumbai metropolitans. It is situated 10-km away from the Gateway of Mumbai. Engraved with the rock cut mountains, they were built in the 5th Century CE. Elephanta Island was named by the Portuguese after the sculpture of an elephant. Most of the sculptures are dedicated to Lord Shiva Mahadeva.

Ellora Caves :

Ellora Caves are the most beautiful Caves located on the land of Maharashtra. It’s a World Heritage Site and most visited ancient monuments. It’s a blend of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist Caves which were constructed in the  6th century AD near the primeval Indian Village in Ellora.

Kanheri Caves :

Kanheri Caves are located at Sanjay Gandhi National Park at a distance of 10-kms from Borivali, Mumbai. Dating 1st Century BC and 9th century AD, there are around 109 in numbers. It depicts the golden era of the beginning and the end of Buddhism in Northern India. Buddhists Monks and traders who used to travel for the religious purposes use to make use of Kanheri Caves.

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