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Maharashtra Places to see VERSOVA BEACH

Location : North of juhu beach, greater Mumbai

Versova beach is known to be one of the most famous attractions of Mumbai city in India. It is situated adjacently to the north of Juhu beach and comes mainly under the district of Greater Mumbai. But the fact is that in many cases it is considered as a part of Juhu due to its separation from it only by a small creek. The best time to visit this colourful beach is during the in-between months of September and May, when one can see the beautiful white waves of the sea splashing against the shoreline during the day time in the otherwise peaceful beach.

The best time to visit this massive expanse of sea is during the early morning times of the day when the fisher men are ready to face the mighty sea. The particular seasoned periods experience an overwhelming rush and growth in the crowds who would like to experience the cool breeze of the sea brushing through their cheeks, while the climate is at its most humid level. The Versova beach is a paradise for all of the locals, especially the Koli community who comprise of the local fishermen community, who happen to be also one of the largest fishermen communities of the city.

It’s a truly magnificent sight to see the local fishermen lined up with nets and poles, going about their preparations to enter into the sea to get hold of their sure delicious prey. Another breath taking experience never to be forgotten is to view the beach during the evening hours, where the colours of the setting sun dance upon the reflecting waters, that reflects the harmony of your soul when you set eyes upon it. As the mighty Versova beach can turn a little rude during the moments of high tide, where the entire beach is seen submerged, swimming in the beach is a strict No-Way due to the constant water holes, that are deep and treacherous formed during these times.

This happens to be the main reason why there is a lack of food stalls or any other kiosks near the beach, as unlike other beaches the buildings in the vicinity are not guarded firmly by tetra pods. But instead massive rocks are used to buffer them from the sea waves. Varsova beach is always a favourite haunt for couples who would like to spend time off their busy schedules of city life with their loved ones. Other must visits are the Juhu beach and the ISKCON Temple situated very close by to this beach.

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