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The simple grandeur and the elegant way in which the state of Maharashtra beckons you is proof enough for you to grasp the idea of the origin of the city. Set in the backgrounds of the Sahayadri mountain ranges, the state of Maharashtra exudes a lot of past glory and chivalry. “Maha” means great and “Rashtra”means nation. Therefore, Maharashtra means a great nation. The rugged geography of the State gives it its identity and one can identify with the strong personalities that have dominated the History of Maharashtra.

Mumbai is the main city of Maharashtra, and is a cluster of seven islands. Mumbai derived its name from the goddess of the fisher folk of Maharashtra - Mumba Devi. Dotted with the wonderful coastal plains and the amazingly beautiful Deccan plateau, Maharashtra has the best of geography and history to offer us. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, part of the state is filled with the Western Ghats, which give the State its unique look. Maharashtra with its innumerable achievements, historical past and a combination of Cultures is a state to reckon with, as it is today India’s financial capital. With the Mughal architecture imbibed in most of its sculptures, and the temples and shrines occupying a major part of the cultural history, Maharashtra is a state with innumerable places and an unending source of information. The caves of Ajanta, Ellora, the temples across the state, the beaches in and around the coastal area, the sanctuary in the State all add to the traditional beauty of this progressive state.

With a combination of religious significance and holy rivers, tradition and imbibed culture, miniature paintings, and exquisite sculptures, the State boasts of being the third largest state in India and the second largest populous state in the country. With historical figures like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the Peshwas, the State has the best history to offer in the annals of Indian history. The architectural splendor, the heroic deeds of the historical figures, the valiant acts of the freedom fighters are all testimonial proofs to the State’s contribution to the progress of the country in all fronts.

The color, the vibrancy, the grandeur, the pride is all-evident in the lifestyle, culture and tradition observed by one and all in the State. The Ganpati Chathurthi celebrations dominating the State’s emotions, the other Festivals and functions form a part of the State’s basic features. A tourist coming to Maharashtra is sure to be enthralled by its rustic beauty, simple people, elegant constructions and historical glorious past. It is a State to reckon with and a place to be in if the traveler wants to experience the real Indian aroma.

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