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Maharashtra Places to see AMRAVATI

Amravati - A tete a tete with the city

Location : Western India, Northern Maharashtra

Best time to visit :
October to February

Local transport :
Bullock carts, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, buses.

Places to see : Chikhaldara’s National Park, Ambadevi temple, Satidham temple, Chatri Talao, Wadali Talao, Melghat Tiger Reserve.

Souvenir : Gandhi caps, baskets, leather footwear, photo frames


Amravati - The Tale of the City

Sage Agastya was the first Aryan to cross the Vindhyas and legend has it that the Vindhyas prostrated to the sage and he asked the mountain to remain in that position until he came but he never did. Sage Agastya married Lopamudra, the daughter of the king of Vidarbha. Vidharbha is also associated with a good number of princesses like Damayanti, Indumati and Rukmini. Rukmini is the queen of the Indian God Lord Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna abducted Rukmini and her brother Rukmin vowed to kill Lord Krishna. Otherwise, he said he would not return to his kingdom. He could not kill so he founded a city called Bhojakata. Today this village is known as Bhatkuli, which is a village 8 miles from Amravati and there is a temple dedicated to Rukmin here.

Amravati, the Mauryan city was the capital of Berar. Berar was one part of todays Vidarbha. Berar was part of the Mauryan emperor Asoka. In 1833, Berar was given to the East India Company. There were two districts of Berar. The South Berar district was Balaghat and the North Berar district was North Berar. In 1956, Amravati was transferred from Madhya Pradesh to Bombay State. In 1960, Maharashtra was created and Amravati became one of its districts.

Amravati - Down the Ages

Amravati has many historic tales to tale. In 1897, the Indian National Congress assembled at Amraoti. Freedom fighter Bhagat Singh hid for 3 days in Amravati and he was a regular visitor of the Hanuman Akhada at that time. Down the ages has seen Amravati being the home for freedom fighters like Rao Bahadur Raghunath Narasinha Mudholkar, Dadasaheb Khaparde, Moropant Vishvanath Joshi and many others. Amravati is also the land of activists like Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh, Mr. Gulabrao Honade Sane etc. Down the Ages has seen the district grow into a well-developed city and is the educational centre for many fields. It is the seventh populous city in the State and is the centre for cotton mills.

Amravati - Travel Kitty

Amravati symbolizes traditional and modern Culture. It combines the fruits of traditional work with the development of the modern habits. While on one side, the city exudes a certain amount of past historical glory, on the other side, the city also boasts of the best kind of educational centers for professionals. This is the main thing that a tourist can take as a travel kitty. Besides, this district has the unique cap sellers, cobblers, and the basket makers. It is a good sight to see them at work and buy these as an item in the travel kitty. Amravati also has these unique photo frames made out of waste articles. This is also a good buy.

Amravati - Joie de vivre in the city

With its unique history behind and tales of mythology to relate, Amravati offers a good package for a tourist with all its variety and specialties. Amravati dates back to the times of the Indian epics “Ramayana” and “Mahabharata”. The city with its stupendous ambience and its rustic look makes the tourist feel at home with the surroundings. With its unpretentious attitude, Amravati, the Amba Devi city offers the following to see:

Temples :

Ambadevi Temple : This temple situated in the middle of Amravati city has a legend behind it. It is believed that the Indian God Lord Krishna abducted Rukmini, when she came to pray in this temple. He later married her. This Temple dedicated to Goddess Amba is visited by many devotees from all parts of Vidarbha.

Satidham Temple : This temple has beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha, Lord Ram and Sita, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and Rani Satiji. A fair here is held annually during the Indian festival of Janmasthami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. This is attended by many devotees.

Shri Bhaktidham temple : This temple is situated on the Amravati Badnera Road. There are beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha in this temple. Shri Sant Jalaram Bappa idol is also found here. It is a nice place of worship with a lovely park for children to play too.

Lakes :

Chatri Talao : This is found in the southeastern portion of Amravati. It is a kilometer away from Dasturnagar Square on Malkhed Railway Road. Built in the year 1888, the talao was built on a small spring called the “Kali Nadi”. This small reservoir built to supply the city with drinking water. However, today Amravati gets its water from the Upper Wardha Dam. This also has boating facilitities here. There is a small garden, which     enhances the beauty of the place.

Wadali Talao :
This Lake was built to get a clean and fresh water supply to the city of Amravati. This has a small garden and a zoo where people usually come for picnics and weekends. The boating in the lake is also a means of entertainment. This place is very good for kids.        


Sanctuary :

Melghat Tiger Reserve : This is situated in the Chikhaldara and Dharni areas of Amravati. With the Satpuda ranges, surrounding the reserve this is one of the last remaining habitats of the Indian Tigers in Maharashtra.    

Wan Sanctuary : This is located in the Melghat area of Amravati. This is actually a continuation of the Melghat sanctuary. It is very rich in the variety of species of plants and animals found here. The floral and faunal biodiversity found here is stupendous. The sanctuary is covered with tropical dry deciduous forests.


Hill Resort :

Chikhaldara : This is the only hill resort in the Vidarbha region. It is situated at a high altitude of 1118m. Chikhaldara is the only area, which grows coffee in the region. The deep valleys and the high trees overlooking the place add to the beauty of the place. It is the best summer retreat and the tourists who come here can soak in the beauty of the wildlife here and enjoy the lovely viewpoints, lakes and waterfalls.


Thus with its lovely scenic beauty, proud historical past, nostalgic religious significance, and stupendous constructions, Amravati, the tiger reserve is a city to visit and a place to take memories back. Amravati is like the proud old queen in a kingdom who has seen a lot of things and has been witness to the battles won, challenges faced and glory restored. As we leave the place we think,” Amravati is where history is.”

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