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Maharashtra Places to see BULDHANA

Buldhana - A Tete a Tete with the city

Location :  Western India, Maharashtra

Best Time to visit : October to March

Places to see : Balaji temple, Sarkarwada, Renuka Temple, Bal Samudra, Lonar Lake, Siddha Math.

Buldhana - The Tale of the City

Buldhana was part of Vidarbha as mentioned in Mahabharata, the Indian epic. It was part of the Berar Province, which was a part of the Mauryan Empire during Ashoka’s rule. Then Berar came under the Satavahana Dynasty rule from 2nd century. After this the Vakataka dynasty ruled this place from 3rd to the 6th centuries. From the 6th to the 8th centuries, the Chalukya dynasty ruled these regions. Lastly, it was the Yadava dynasty of Devagiri, which ruled this area from the 12th to the 14th century. The Muslims ruled over Berar when Alau-ud-din Khilji the Sultan of Delhi conquered this region. This was in the 14th century. Then the Bahmani Sultanate separated from the Delhi Sultanate in the mid 14th century. Berar was part of the Bahmani Sultanate. In 1572 Berar was owned by Nizam Shah who was ruling in Ahmednagar. Then Berar passed to the Mughals in 1595 and this continued until the 18th century. This is when Asaf Jah I, who was the Nizam of Hyderabad captured all Berar and the southern provinces and formed an independent state. This is the history of Buldhana, a part of the Berar province.

Buldhana - Down the Ages

In 1853, the entire Buldhana district was ruled by the British East India Company. Berar was then divided into East Berar and West Berar. Buldhana district was part of West Berar. In 1903, the Nizam of Hyderabad handed over Berar to the British Government of India. In 1867, Buldhana district started existing when North Berar and Mehkar districts were merged. When whole of Berar merged with the Central Provinces, then the district became the District of Central Provinces and Berar. Down the ages saw the Khamgaon and Jalgaon tehsils also combining with the Buldhana district. 1950, Buldhana became a part of the state of Madhya Pradesh and had Nagpur as the capital. In 1956, when the Marathi speaking areas of Vidarbha regions and Bombay state merged to form the State of Maharasthra, then Buldhana also became a part of this state. Today, Buldhana is a place known for its cotton trading industries besides other industries like oil seeds etc.

Buldhana - Travel kitty

Lying between the Tapi and the Godavari basin, the rich landscape and amazing topography gives the place its beauty. The agricultural fields and the river filled plains make this a nature lover’s haven. With all its fairs and traditional and cultural background, Buldhana, the sanctuary city has a mindboggling history to boast of. The folk arts like bhajans, kirtans, and Gondhal are very dear to the people. This could form the best travel kitty. Gondhal is an art of performing with the help of ritual acts, dances, songs, poems etc.

Buldhana - Joie de vivre in the city

The simplicity and modesty of a place determines its ambience. Buldhana, the crater city has a remarkable historical background but has the integrity and the determination of a soldier. The pride and the awe that we find in this city is unmistakable and the scenic beauty is the icing on this cake of Maharashtra. One who comes here would get to see the following:

Lonar Crater :

This depression was fomed many many years ago. Some 50,000 years ago, there was a huge meteor, which fell on the earth from space. The impact of the fall was so tremendously huge that a huge bowl shaped crater was carved in the earth. This was 7 km in circumference and 1.8 km in diameter. This is supposed to be the largest and oldest meteoric crater in the entire world. The nearest rival here is the Canyon Diabolo of Arizona in the United States.

Towns :

Shegaon : This is a town famous for having the Samadhi of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Many pilgrims travel from all over Maharashtra to visit his Samadhi.

Sindhkhed Raja :
This is the place where the Veer Mata Jijabai was born. She was the mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Lakhuji Jadhav’s palace is found here.

Temples :

Renuka Devi temple : This is located in Chikli. People come here to worship the goddess.

Balaji Temple : This is in Mehkar and there is another one in Deulgaon Raja.

Shrine of Sailani Baba : This is located in Chikli.

Gond Bapuji Maharaj Temple : This lies in Gond and is frequented by many devotees.

Palsi Supo Supoji Maharaj Temple : This is also a favorite of many who come to Buldhana.

Hanuman Mandir : This is a temple for Samarth Ramdas. This is located near Waghali and is located at Khamgaon.

Nandura : This is famous for the temple of Lord Hanuman. The Temple is supposed to be having world’s biggest Hanuman idol. It is around 105 ft tall.

Sanctuary :

There are two sanctuaries, which the tourists can visit. They are the Dnyanganga Sanctuary and the Ambabarva Sanctuary.

Besides all this, the Buldhana district has many pilgrim places like the Balaji temple at Deulgaon, Raja Sailana Shah Miya Dargha at Pimpalgaon, Sari village. Sarkarwada, Rameshwar Mandir, Nilakanteshwar Mandir, Samadhi of Jadhav’s family, Bal Samudra, Lonar Lake, and Palasi Siddha Math are all important places of attraction.

Entertainment Factor :

There are a great many reasons why people like to visit Buldhana. One of them is the festivals that are celebrated here and the fairs that are held. The fairs are the following:

The Sarai Mahasiddha Baba fair :
This is a place where the local handicrafts are available.

The Shri Balaji Fair : This fair sells a lot of handicrafts and artifacts. The tourists can also make trips to the Ajanta caves from here.

Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami Fair : This is at Shegaon and is held on the Rama Navami day. This is held in the Indian month of Chaitra in the months of March and April.

Mahasiddha Baba fair : This is held at Dhanora. It is an annual fair.

Sharif Sailani Shah Miya Urs : This is held at Pimpalgaon Sarai

Thus with the fairs and the handicrafts, the artifacts and the history, the past and the development now, Buldhana, the city of Fairs is a place to reckon with. The ambience and the modest surroundings make the place very lovable and a tourist would think as he leaves the place “All is fair in travel and tourism”.

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