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Maharashtra cuisine is famous for its diverse taste and varieties from around the state. It ranges from a wide range of sweet- sour, to extra spicy, and many other tongue twisting savouries, exquisite to this region. The Maharashtra cuisine is mainly classified into two main types, based on the Geographical spread of the state of Maharashtra. Since most part of the state is situated in the coastal region hugging the Arabian Sea, the Konkan coast has a dominatingly major influence in the Maharashtra cuisine. With its savouring style combined with exquisite taste of sweets and spices combined, the food is generally an elaborate homogeneous mixture, influenced by the tastes of the Malvani region, the subtle Gaud Saraswat Brahmin region, and the improvising peppy Goan cuisines. Besides the costal cuisines, which use a lot of freshly grounded coconuts or the freshly obtained coconut milk, mixed with fiery tastes of Masala which arouses the taste buds and intrigues the soul, the inland cuisine is also famous for its various spicy vegetarian dishes, which is a combination of some of the best styles put together, and its fiery spicy non-vegetarian dishes, that melts in your mouth.

Another part of the Maharashtra cuisine that no one should miss out are the terrific sweets, which are crunchy and crispy, as ever, to bite, and invokes your senses with their sensual taste and aroma. The sweets are richly made with rice and jaggery in abundance, combined with an exquisite assortment of various kinds of nuts. The fish curry is a delicacy in the coastal regions with its rich masala made from some of the hottest chillies available in the region.

Every region of Maharashtra has its own special identity in terms of cuisines. These varied cuisines adorn the platter of the elaborate Maharashtra cuisine as a whole. The Konkani food comprises of a large assortment of coconut powder, hot spicy chillies and fresh coriander, to enhance the taste. The Kolhapur cuisine concentrates mainly on mutton assorted with a rich combo of red chillies and savouries. The Vidarbha region serves food which is the spiciest of all, with its red hot chilli peppers, that are inevitably delicious. The Mumbai region has its own collection of various chats that can enrich any passer-by with its lovely taste combinations. Anyone who visits Maharashtra should never miss to munch on the exquisitely savouring, mouth watering taste of the Maharashtra cuisine.

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