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Maharashtra Places to see KONKAN CUISINE

The Konkan cuisine is famous for its varied tastes that play with one’s senses. The Konkan cuisine is not about the recipe alone but is more about the improvising part of the cuisine. The combination of the various sweet- sour tastes in contrast with the highly delicious spicy flavour is particular to the Konkan cuisine.

The Konkan cuisine basically has two different styles, the Konkanast Brahmin cuisine and the non- Brahmin cuisine. The Brahmin cuisine is generally subtle in taste and uses more of Coconut in the form of grated coconut; fried coconut, coconut paste, and coconut milk are also commonly used for many dishes. The Non-Brahmin version of the cooking is famous for its exquisite and elaborate form of spicy taste that melts down your senses. The spices and masalas are made from spicy red chillies familiar to this locality. There is also a wide range of dishes to choose from and enjoy.

The Konkan cuisine is famous for its use of a wide range of spices and nuts, which includes the use of cashews, peanuts, sesame seeds and a refreshing punch of coriander, which comprises of the spicing up agents in the food. Apart from the increased use of coconut, the cuisine also uses a special berry for assortment known as the Kokum berry; it has a deep purple shade and has a very pleasant and tingling sweet-sour taste. Other agents used in the place of natural souring agents are raw mangos which give a bitter-sour taste to the tongue and tamarind which is sweet when ripe and sweet-sour otherwise. Lime is also an extensively used souring agent and its citrus content gives a wonderful taste to any dish it touches. The Konkan cuisine uses a lot of natural content in it, which gives the entire food a pleasant taste.

Another famous aspect that plays with the food textures, done to enhance the eating experience, is the use of a type of bottle masala, the Garam masala. The bottle masala uses freshly ground masala; particularly hand ground so that the natural taste can be felt by the person when eating the food, giving an exquisite taste to it. The Konkani people believe that hand ground masala gives a better taste to the food rather than the one grounded in a machine.

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