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Maharashtra Places to see MUMBAI CHAAT

Region : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Famous chaat : Bhelpuri, Pani Puri, Pav Baji, Sev puri etc.

Everyone enjoys eating chaats that are amazing to taste and the city of Mumbai provides just that through its various Mumbai chaat corners, which consists of a wide variety of mouth watering food, preferred by all in the city of Mumbai and, as a matter of fact, throughout India. It is considered as another alternative to the fast food available in the city. Some of the most favored snacks include Bhel puri, Pani Puri, Sev puri, Pav bhaji, Aloo Puri and many others. Some of the non-vegetarian cuisines available include the Moghlai type of food, such as kebabs of various kinds, tandoori chicken, fish curry, Baida Roti - made out of egg and stuffed meat.

When anyone thinks of Mumbai and its cuisines, the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind are Mumbai chaat items like Pani puri, Bhel puri and all the other mouth watering chaats that are available. Now-a-days, the hawkers in Mumbai do not refrain themselves only to selling the local snacks of Mumbai cuisine, but also serve of various types of improvised western, Chinese and south Indian food including dosas, idlis and many more types of food like burgers, French fries etc. Therefore, Mumbai is now becoming a hub to a large number of multi-cuisine road-side restaurants.

Most of the working population in Mumbai depend upon the local Mumbai cuisine, for their daily breakfast and lunch, and in some cases people depend on the Mumbai cuisine even for their daily dinner, in such a way the road side hawkers play a very important and vital role, for most of the times, without them, people of Mumbai will really starve. Some aspect of Mumbai cuisine, including the Culture of eating pan, has become more of an art rather than just food.

Mumbai cuisine is made in such a way that the people cannot resist its taste. The various chutneys and bhajis used are not only more of a necessary component of a dish, but it also makes the person consuming it, to stay for long hours without becoming hungry. In short, it is filling. This is why the Mumbai chaat culture is always welcomed.

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