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Maharashtra Places to see MOUNT MARY FESTIVAL

At a glance :

Region : Maharashtra, Bandra

Duration : Around 1 week

Celebration Month : September

Dedicated To : Goddess Mary

Mount Mary festival is a festival of Mount Mary Church which is located in the Mumbai city's Bandra are or Mumbai's suburb part. This festival is celebrated in the month of September, one whole week this festival is enjoyed. Every year's September month, is most awaited month for the devotees of the Goddess Mary, which is held in the very much old but very nicely located church. This festival's fair is very famous and is famous by name of Bandra fair and the occasion of this enjoyable fair is birthday of Goddess Mary. Not only Christian people come and celebrate this festival but of different regions people come to the Bandra church and join the happiness of the Goddess Mary's birthday. Millions of people come to this place in the September which are belongs to very much different communities to experience the joy of this festival. This Church place is becomes totally full because of the number of the people. One major community which participates in the festival is Marathi community; they called Goddess Mary as a Math Mauli. You must be thinking, that why such a huge number of people celebrate this festival, because people have faith in Mother Mary that if they will wish something important of their life, Mother Mary will un doubtly fulfill their true heart wishes and help them with lots of her love. The church of Mother Mary is near to the Arabian Sea, that’s why during the festival when the whole church is decorated by colorful lighting, that look of the Church makes Arabian Sea dazzling.

This Mount Mary Festival is mostly waited festival for those who want to pray for their handicap family member, friend and relatives or themselves. In this festival, many people take the candles which are in the shape of hands, legs, ears etc and they immersed it into the weaving water of Sea; they believe that if they will do this, Mother Mary will do the magic and for whom they have donated this candles will get perfect by Physic. Because of their innocent faith, there are Lakhs of worshiper come and make the wish. Mother Mary fair includes different stalls like toys, cloths, jewellery, various types of candles, decorative items etc. which attracts the visitors and it gives an opportunity to experience the fair because in the metro cities, watching and visiting the fair or mela is just very rare thing. to reach at this church and attained the Mary fair, it is very much easy to travel because Mumbai is the most developed city in the India, that’s why you can choose any Transport source to reach at this church such as train, road and air from any part of the world and part of India.

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