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Maharashtra Places to see SNAKE FESTIVAL

At a glance :

Region : Maharashtra, Battis Shirala

Festival Duration : Eight to Ten days

Major attraction : Show of Snake

Snake festival, which is known as Nagpanchami. This snake festival is all about worshipping the snake. As per the Hindu religion, God is in nature's every aspect, like that people believe snake as god and there is one more reason behind worshipping the snake that is Lord Shankar always wear snake in his neck, that’s why people think that Lord Shankar is in Snake. This snake festival very much attracts to the tourists because only in India, tourist will observe this kind of festival. Battis Shirala place, it is around fifty kilometers far from the district Kolhapur; this place is very much popular because of the high celebration of the Snake festival. This village is located in the hilly region with wide forest area; this forest has different and large snake species, it contains almost very dangerous Cobra till very much rare Pythons species. This festival is celebrated for almost eight to ten days in this village. When monsoon is about start, that time this snake festival is held; because during the monsoon, the number of snake species gets increased. In this festival, youth people go into the jungles and take the snakes out of the jungle before this festival will start. Not only foreigner tourists but also regional tourists come to the Battis Shirala to experience this snake festival.

This festival is very much valuable for the farmers or agriculture people, they believe snake as their friend because snake eats insects, mouse and small animals which destroy the farm. That’s why Nagpanchmi festival is largely celebrated in the villages of Maharshtra. To join in this festival, you can go by air because from Kolhapur airport, it is about fifty kilometer to Battis Shirala. This village is also very will linked for road Transportation.

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