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For those who are adventurous and love to explore through the sands of time and go through the various histories tossed and turned by the waves of time, Maharashtra is a haven. Filled with splendorous and rich forts situated mostly throughout the state, placed close towards the tranquil shores of the various Beaches, the Maharashtra fort provide the most enthralling experience that any history lover cannot resist.

For anyone who wants to embark on an incredible Adventure through time, in Maharashtra, there is no better place to start with other than the Maharashtra forts. Every Maharashtra fort is embodied not only with its magnificence and eloquence but also with its historic tales that has its roots buried deep into the evolution of India. The forts of Maharashtra stand tall with the significance of time embodied with prestige, valour and heritage of the state. The Maharashtra forts are filled with tales of outstanding courage, inspiring tales of chivalry, that are capable of inspiring anyone and everyone who are bound to hear about it, extraordinary feats of battle and struggles of some of the strongest of empires that ruled India and so on.

The architecture of the Maharashtra forts comprise of many significant traditions and art work, which makes these forts not only a significance and a monument of power, but also a monument right with long-lasting traditions. The forts also depict the changes of power also with the various strengths of the monarchs of that time. The forts also have within them various artefacts and ancient equipments used during the distressed times of wars, for the sake of protection and conquer.

The forts also depict in them a History of the various battles fought from the particular fort and also about the entire history revolving around the various fort’s of Maharashtra. The very size of the forts and the enriched magnificence of the fort is enough to take away any one’s imagination into the very times of its use and its grandeur. The beautiful interiors of the forts are in many places, decorated with ancient art that are enriching to the soul of anyone who sets their eyes on them. This is the main reason why locals as well as travellers from around the world flood though the gates of the Maharashtra forts.

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