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Maharashtra Places to see JANJIRA FORT

Location : Murud, Maharashtra

Founded by : Buran Khan

Founded in : 15th century

Janjira Fort is mainly situated on the coastal beach side of the Murud town of the state of Maharashtra; it is situated on the beautiful sea shores of the Arabian Sea. It is an island fort and it serves mainly as the most important and significant fort of Maharashtra. The city of Murud was the eastward state capital of the Janjira rulers during the early times.

In today’s times this fort is considered as one of the rare seaside forts of India and is greatly treasured for its grandeur and beauty. The Janjira Fort is located almost 2 km within the city of Murud. The massive fort has retained her splendour and grandeur in spite of living through numerous attacks during her prime time, and its beauty is still magnificence for the eye to see, in spite of being lashed and slashed by the massive waves of the Arabian Sea.

The assault on the Janjira Fort was commenced by great rulers including, the Great Shivaji, to the magnificent Peshwas, the courageous Marathas and even the strong British. No one could conquer this massive fort for well over 350 years of its time. History states that the Janjira Fort was built by the local fishermen to protect themselves from the pirates of the sea; they were originally built out of wood. Later the wooden fort was ordered to be destroyed and demolished under the commission of Buran Khan, who was the minister of the Nizamshah - the Ahmed Nagar ruler.

History states that the wooden fort was later replaced by one of the most superiorly built impregnable forts of India. The Janjira Fort was adored to a great extent by a large number of towers and burnets which were mainly present to serve as storing points of huge weapons that are used to catapult and shoot at the approaching enemy army. It is a fact that the Janjira Fort was home to more than 500 canons, out of which presently only a few solid ones remain. The Kalal Bangadi, Chavari, Landa Kasam, etc. are some of the remaining canons. The other structures worth seeing are the two huge water tanks, the magnificent tombs etc.

The ancient door of the Janjira Fort has some magnificent carvings one of which is a stone carved tiger surrounded by six elephants. The sweet water Lake sea seen inside the fort is supposed to have been there since the very origin of the fort. The other features of the fort include three burjs used to store canons to shoot at the enemy. Apart from the magnificent fort, the Murud Island is also home to various other attractions such as Padmadurg Fort, the Shrine of Dattatreya, the amazing Janjira caves, the Nawab Palace, etc. Any visitor of Murud should never miss out on any of these attractions that are worth seeing at least once in a life time.

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