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Maharashtra Places to see MAHARASHTRA GARDENS

Maharashtra, at a Glance

The great land of Maharashtra is witness to the victory of Shivaji Maharaj – the first ever ruler in India, to chase the Mughal Emperors out of their mother territory. The very first example of independence and freedom was set by this courageous king. There are several forts and palaces in the state that retain the pride of being residence to the sultanate of few of the major rulers of the country. These fortresses saw the rise and fall of various kingdoms, the arrival and departure of many rulers. The state of Maharashtra is known for its mountain ranges, Sahyadri and Satpuras, which offered shelter to warriors. It was these mountains from where Shivaji Maharaj and his army could keep an eye and gradually regain control of their forts captured by the Mughals. The sands of Maharashtra are also enriched by the devotion and poetry of several immortal saints. Maharahstra is the place where the 11- day celebration of the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi was first instantiated. The modern day Maharashtra holds Mumbai as the capital city, which is also the commercial pride of the country. Mumbai, in itself is a huge exploration to talk about, which we would soon do. Other cities, like Nagpur, Nashik, Pune, Ratnagiri, Nanded, Shirdi, etc. hold their own share of importance in the history and significance of this truly Indian state.

Gardens in Maharashtra

Apart from forts, palaces, mountains, festivals, temples, and enigmatic other attractions, there are some places dotted over the tourist maps of Maharashtra that have subtle importance, but are equally essential to visit when touring the state all over. These niceties are nothing other than the Gardens in Maharashtra. There are various gardens and parks in the state, distributed across diverse cities and locations. These gardens do more to your Maharashtra tour by adding some outdoor recreation, different from historical places and beaches and shopping stops and so on. In fact, people who want a break from breathless traveling can choose any of these gardens to have a calm day of rest and peace. The natural beauty of greenery, bejeweled with colorful flowers and creepers in between are like sleep to the eyes – idyllic and blissful. More than everything, the amazing locations of some of these gardens in Maharashtra, and the historic stories about them that the local residents narrate, are the most mystifying aspects of visiting these places. There are many gardens in Mumbai and Pune, like the Hanging Garden, the Kamala Nehru Park, the Agakhan Palace Garden, Empress garden, Bund Garden, the University Park, the Kataraj Snake Park and the Saras Baug. Besides, there are also other gardens like Ryewood Park in Lonavla - the green empire of Maharashtra, the Townhall Garden in Kolhapur, and many more in other parts of the state.

What magnetizes you here?

Not just the realms of natural vegetation, conservation of wildlife – flora and fauna, eco building, channels of deciduous trees that are evergreen, climbers and creepers that twist the impression of your heart and the geological and archeological objects and structures that safeguard the aesthetic sense of the nation, the gardens in Maharashtra have more to magnetize you. For instance, from the very top of the Hanging Garden in Mumbai, you can have a look at the entire semicircle of the sea facing Marine Drive, which transforms itself into the majestic and huge, though virtual, Queen’s Necklace of South Mumbai as the sun sets. Tell me if you don’t find it spellbinding.

The vicinity

The environs of these gardens also posses some other touring attractions, like temples, beaches, waterfalls, wild life sanctuaries and famous restos, where you can break the tiresome while you enjoy special Maharashtrian cuisines that are a great treat to the taste buds.

So what are you waiting for? Get a ticket booked to Maharashtra now and come to the state of simplicity and amazement. Maharashtra has a lot of surprises for you in store.

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