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Maharashtra Places to see BALODYAN GARDENS OF MUMBAI

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  • Located in South Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  • Was Inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the honorable President of the nation, on February the 24th, 1952.

  • Nearest railway station to the garden  - Charni Road station.

  • The garden is open for only Children and Ladies.

  • Timings of the garden are from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, on all days.

  • Taking the local suburban trains to reach Charni Road Station and from there taking a cab one can reach the Balodyan Gardens.

Balodyan Gardens, Mumbai - Welcome!

The city of Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, and the administrative capital of the state of Maharashtra. There is much more to the story of Mumbai that provides gloss and glamour to its name. It is always said, rather truly said, that big things come in small packages; and this thing completely holds true for the Balodyan Gardens of Mumbai, located near the Charni Road railway station in South Mumbai. The name of the garden, Balodyan, means the Children’s Garden or Park for Children. Late Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the very first President of India, had inaugurated this garden on the 24th of February in the year 1952. It would have been such an honor for the garden to be instated by this great celebrity. The Balodyan Gardens of Mumbai had been built with a purpose to serve Ladies and Children, who got less chances of getting out of their houses in olden days of India. Hence, till day, the garden is open only for Children and Ladies.

The make up :

Like most other gardens, the Balodyan Gardens also possess lawns and plants with a variety of flowers and trees. But what makes it most special is the feel when you get here. You might have wondered in your life, ever thinking about a park where your kids and toddlers can freely play and jump and hop around, without having to bother about getting hurt. Well, this is the very place - the Balodyan Gardens. Here in, the lawn beds are so thick and soft that even jumping wont hurt small children. There are no mud puddles in the garden where kids could get afraid of falling into. There are no sharp fencings which could bear the capability of hurting small babies, while they innocently explore each and every aspect of the place. In short, the basis of architecture of this place lays in the theme “no architecture”. The garden was basically built with the intention of letting children and women develop some creativity in themselves. And this intention is well given way in the Balodyan Gardens. There is a track in the garden where children can ride bicycles or play games like cricket. There is football goal post, the badminton net and other sports and games equipments for small children which help them enhance their physical activity. There are also announced gaming competitions, occasionally, in the garden for children and women, which prove a great motivational activity for all of them.

The vicinity :

To visit the Balodyan Gardens of Mumbai, a complete day is recommended. But the only constrain is that the garden is open only from 8 to 12 in morning and 4 to 8 in the evening. 4 hours in between need some other activity to be spent. Well, one can have a good meal during lunch time in restaurants near the garden. There are ice cream parlors which are just the place for children. If you save enough time even after lunch and before the second shift of the garden opens, close to the Balodyan Gardens of Mumbai is the Sea Beach, or the Girgaon Beach, visiting which can be your activity for a short while.

Coming to the Balodyan Gardens of Mumbai, visiting the Beach nearby, having good food followed by yummy ice creams - it would be a perfect day out for children; that’s what I had experienced as a child and even watch other children have a great time here.

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