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Maharashtra Places to see BUND GARDENS

Tips on clicks :

  • Bund gardens, located in Pune, Maharashtra, just at a distance of 2 km from Pune railway station.

  • These gardens are also popular as the Mahatma Gandhi Udyan.

  • The gardens were constructed by Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy.

  • Major attractions of the gardens are its picturesque beauty, the boating facility and that it is a great place for evening strolls.

  • A local cab can take you from your hotel or Pune station to the Bund Gardens.

Pune, at a glance :

The age old Maratha Empire in Maharashtra proudly held the city of Pune as its capital. Pune, the name coming from a Sanskrit word ‘Punya’ and meaning ‘Virtue’, boasts for being the second largest city of the state and the eight largest in the nation. Though it is a metropolitan, the true and traditional culture of Maharashtra resides in this very town. There are various places to visit when a tourist comes to Pune, locally known as Poona. There is everything, from ancient monuments to Palaces, museums to shopping centers, devotional auditoriums to temples and gardens to restaurants that serve typical Maharashtrian flavors. Let us check out one of the most subtle places of recreation on the tour plan of Pune - the Bund Gardens in Pune.

The Bund Gardens, Pune - Welcome!

One of the most popular parks in the vicinity of the Pune railway station - the Bund Gardens was built under the instructions of Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebhoy. The right side banks of the Mula- Mutha River cradles the amazing Bund Gardens in their laps. The actual treat from the gardens begins with the onset of the winters. As well as the climate, which is really welcoming in Pune during winters, there is a spectacular variety of beautiful migrant birds that seek shelter in the Bund Gardens. The Bund Gardens are also known as the Mahatma Gandhi Udyan. The construction of this garden by Sir Jamshedji was actually a purposeful and noble act; he wanted to save water for the poor by building this garden as a bridge to slow down the flow of the river.

The make up :

The entrance of the gardens does quite a justice to its name; the gate is designed in the shape of a bridge, and that is what the term ‘Bund’ means in Marathi, the local Language of Pune. Bund Gardens are aesthetically designed with beautifully manicured grass beds. One can enjoy the landscapes of the park during evening strolls and even morning jogs. Yes. There is an artistically framed jogging track built in here a few years back to respond to the request of the locale visitors. The beauty of the jogger’s track is enhanced by the finely devised fencings along both the sides. There are lamp- posts with orbs of white light that glow during the night, making the landscape look like an imaginative painting of paradise. Also, there are trees lined up on the along sides of the various tracks for strolling in the evening, for which the garden is just the place.

What magnetizes you here?

I actually thought of changing the caption to ‘what magnetizes you not’- my work would have been even simpler - hadn’t have to write much. There is nothing within the extents of the Bund Gardens that cannot cast a spell on your heart. The splendid scene of the garden from a distance is just a magnificent view. The vibrantly colored flowers in the garden and the way of preserving its greenery are just awe - inspiring. To add to the magnetism, there are birds that arrive during winters from native regions to the Bund Gardens in Pune, which is almost their second home. So, you can can have an excellent bird watching here. Children just love it, I’ll tell you. Next is the boating facility. The gardens have an in - house water reservoir for boating purpose, which again succeeds to enchant the visitors. The prices are quite reasonable, so that no one is found to leave the garden with no boating done. There are magic shows and horse rides arranged in the garden, by the authorities, as festive attractions for local and out- of- town visitors. Every time, and at every instance, the Bund Gardens fail to dishearten its spectators.

The vicinity :

Since the Bund Gardens are located in the main city of Pune, there are not much places of cultural or historic importance in its vicinity. In fact, after the spell binding experience of the Bund Gardens, your eyes crave for no more attractions. Just in case if you feel hungry - since there are no eatables allowed in the garden without having a prior permission - or if you feel like spending the rest of the day watching some movie or shopping, there are good restaurants, multiplexes and malls available at a few jumps from the garden. If you are a KFC fan, there is a KFC right in the environs of the Bund Gardens in Pune.

Extravagant, brilliant and superb - I could think of only these things after having a one - day visit to the Bund Gardens. And I am sure, even you would exclaim and gasp at every new thing that Bund Gardens have to offer you.

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