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Maharashtra Places to see MAHARASHTRA HILL STATIONS

Maharashtra state is very rich with beautiful nature and greenery. If you are tired by your daily work routine and want to refresh yourself then visiting the hill stations in Mahashtra is a best option to have a break. Maharashtra is full of hilly ranges, forests, forts, beaches, cold spots etc. all this aspect made Maharashtra more special and all this features helps to attract tourist towards Maharashtra. Maharashtra's few places such as Khandala and Lonavala are one of the favorite hangout tourist places of Maharashtra. In Lonavala, there are several tourist spots and anyone can easily reach these places thats why it became a very popular weekend fun spot. Because of the greenery surrounding, many movie's are shot here. Deep valleys, green surrounding and steep gorges all these attractive features of this place pull you in its love. As Maharashtra, is economically developed the same way it is also developed in tourism.

Malshej Ghat :

This hilly region is a part of India's Western Ghats. This hill station is comes under the district Pune of Maharashtra. The peaceful environment, cool air and surrounding area are full of hills this is the scenery which can be seen here. The altitude location of Malshej Ghat is around seven hundred meters from the sea level. Tourists can visit this place at any time, but the beauty of this hill station during monsoon is priceless.

Alibag :

Alibag is just like a portray of an elegant imaginative place. But it is an actual place of Maharashtra; it is located on India's west coast side. Alibag comes under Maharashtra Konkan region because it's a municipal Council. Because of Alibag's attractiveness no one can control themselves on the weekend to go to this hill station. Mostly people of Mumbai visit this place, because Mumbai's polluted and crowded atmosphere gets everybody bored and that’s why they come with their family to have quality time with their family and nature. This hill station is a major part of district Raigad of Maharashtra.

Khandala :

Less travel effort and total fun, these two are the major factors because of which it became so popular and most visited place. In the monsoon season, if you go to Khandala driving , you wont forget the experience which you will get; you will just feel that you are in heaven and you will be in the love of Khandala. The location of this hill station is surrounded by the green mountain; it is around on one hundred one kilometer distance from India's financial capital Mumbai. More than foreign tourists, the regional tourists and people visit this hill station many times, because if you will visit this hill station only for one time, you will get automatically attracted towards this dream place.

Mahabaleshwar :

Mahabaleshwar might be the only cool hill station in Maharashtra. This hill station comes under the district of Satara. This is very popular and very well known as a honeymoon spot; Because of its environment and natural beauty. During the winter season, mostly people like to go to this hill station because the temperature of Mahabaleshwar is very less compared to other places. The location of this hill station is about one thousand three hundred seventy two meter altitude. Mahabaleshwar comes under the hills of Sahyadri. Driving in such pleasant place is a real dazzling and fun experience.

Panchgani :

Panchgani hill station is very unique and an attractive place of India. This hill station is located around eighteen kilometers from another hill station called Mahabaleshwar. It is the most demanded and visited hill station. People who live in Pune and Mumbai, visit this place because, it is easy to reach and it is a very elegant hill station. Like Mumbai, Pune city is also becoming crowded and a polluted city that’s why people prefer hill stations like Panchgani to take out all the tiredness out of their body.

Lonavala :

Lonavala is an actual hill station because it is totally covered by hills. It is located as nest of the ranges of the Sahyadri of Maharashtra. The height is almost six hundred twenty five meters. Reaching Lonavala is not a big deal, because Maharashtra state's has developed roads and rail transport and the people of Pune and Mumbai can reach Lonavala in very less time if you are going from Mumbai, then it is just ninety six kilometer distance which you have to travel and from Pune city it is just sixty two kilometer. Within the Lonavala, there are a number of nice resorts, so there is nor problem of accomodation.Lonavala and Khandala hill stations are very close to each other that’s why after viewing Lonavala, you can go ahead to visit Khandala.

Matheran :

Matheran comes under Raigad district. This hill station also has less travel effort. Matheran is very well known as a honeymoon spot or place. The soil of this place is different from other place, like the color of Matheran's soil is red. People who go to this place, mostly like to experience horse riding; horse riding are done by the tourist. Most of the people, who live in the Mumbai, come to this place, to spend their weekend. This is one of the places in whole India, where you cannot go by road; you have to go by rail to reach at this place.

Bhandardara :

This is a most peaceful and charming place and it is surrounded by the wide forests. This is one of the hill stations of the Maharashtra. This place is in the lap area of the hills of Sahyadri. This is popular because of its very much high mountains, greenery and beautiful water falls. Despite all these features, Bhandardara hill station got famous because of the lake of Arthur; it is one of the greatest lakes of the India.

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