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Maharashtra Places to see KHANDALA

At a glance :

Region : Maharashtra, hill ranges of Sahayadri

Distance of Place :
From Mumbai around one hundred one kilometer

Altitude location :
Six hundred twenty five meter

Perfect Visiting Time :
Month of October to May

Khandala hill station is not less than any foreign location, because the ambience of this hill station is just tremendous and you can't believe that near the Mumbai city you can get such naturist location. Khandala is totally surrounded by high hill ranges, dark fog and numbers of waterfalls. When people went to Khandala, they just get pulled by the beauty of Khandala in its love, like love at first sight. From Mumbai city, the distance is about one hundred one kilometer, that’s why people of Mumbai, don’t stay in the Mumbai, they just run away towards Khandala like in the cushion of nature, to get natural breathing air and to pull all tiredness out of the body. People say that the people who have visited the dream city, they definitely visit the Khandala. Because of the popular hill station, this place has many hill resorts, so that people can comfortably enjoy their weekends and they can totally forget the week day's pressure. Hill stations are made to give relaxation and peace to the visitors mind. Khandala hill station is situated in the ranges of Sahayadri of India and its altitude location is six hundred twenty five meter. This place was formed by the great leader of Maratha Chattrapati Shivaji, Khandala was under his territory. He was the person who had organized the clan of Maratha with the facilities of power of formidable military. During his period, the Khandala hill station was went under the empire of Peshwa rulers. In Khandala, British Empire was the last power who was ruled over this place. The time, when Peshwa ruler lost their power, British got a chance to capture this beautiful place and got it. But after coming under various powers, the position of Khandala hill station is very nice; it became one of the most demanded tourist spot of the India.

If you go from the Pune city, the distance is around sixty nine kilometer weather structure of the Khandala is very pleasant, if you want to see the real and washed beauty of Khandala hill station, then visit this location in the rainy season; the beauty which you see, you won't forget it anymore. Khandala is a look like, it has been covered by the green blanket and the pure and clean white waterfalls are look like they are doing competition with each other.  During summer season, the weather is mild means in the month of April to June and in the winter season the climate is very cool. The picnic spots which you will find in the Khandala hill station are such as green valleys, Historic forts, Lakes, hills, monkey hill, Lonavala, Amruntanjan point and tiger point. After viewing the natural beauty of the Khandala, you will definitely feel that Khandala is blessed by the beauty and ambience. Your memory with in the Khandala will be an unforgettable one. Khandala's peaceful surroundings and splendid nature makes this place a best weekend spot. You will observe one unique thing about the hill station that is one side of the Khandala is steep valley and on the other side there are very high hills. Compare to other hill stations, Khandala has preserved and saved its beauty because compared to others, there is no commercialization and industrialization done by the people, which is a plus point and beneficial point of this place. Otherwise, nature's beautiful gift would be destroyed by the human beings.

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