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Maharashtra Places to see LONAVALA

At a glance :

Region : Maharashtra, ranges of Sahayadri

Distance of Place : from Mumbai Ninety six kilometer

Altitude Location : six hundred twenty five meter

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of October - May

Lonavala hill station is located in the ranges of Sahayadri of Maharashtra. The height of this hill station is around six hundred and twenty five meter, which makes this hill station more cool and pleasant. People living in Pune and Mumbai find it very near and effortless traveling because Lonavala is around ninety six kilometers from Mumbai and from Pune city; it is about sixty two kilometer. This hill station is very much famous because of its natural beauty and fresh atmosphere, but this is a demanded place for people who love adventure sports. After reaching Lonavala, one thing which you will observe is trekkers, on the hills of Lonavala. People who love to trek find Lonavala very favorable for the adventures sports, because of its hill ranges, suitable weather for climbing and a pleasant atmosphere. This hill station gives you a refreshment environment which just take your tiredness and gives you pollution free air, which is very much healthy for you. the major difference between the people who live in the cities and people who live in the small towns or in the hill stations, is that people of city, very effectively get the disease and feel tired as compared to people who live in the hill station, they very much rarely face the diseases and because of the fresh and pollution free air, they don't feel tired. That’s why visiting hill stations are not only spending a weekend time, but it is very  beneficial for your health also.  The hill station's name Lonavala comes from the Sanskrit language word Lonavali; it means the city which is surrounded by the caves.

This hill station is different from other hill station because it has a history of establishment, in the ancient time, this place was an essential centre of Buddhist religion people in the India. If you want to know the origin,  then you can see the Karla and Bhaja caves. These caves are located near the Lonavala; these caves are the origin of the Buddhist religion andthis wa during  the second century. This Lonavala hill station was also a major part of the empire of Maratha Chattrapati Shivaji. This Lonavala  was under the rule of Peshwa and then after it went into the hands of British Empire. In any season you can visit this hill station, because in the entire year, this hill station gives you a pleasant and refreshing environment; but still the month of October and May is a good time to visit Lonavala. During the monsoon season, Lonavala  just looks like it has taken bath from chilled water because in the Monsoon season, you will find only pure green color and cool air, which will make your soul, five years younger and you won't feel to leave from the Lonavala. In this refreshing weather, you will get the chance to see the beautiful rainbow, which is very much rare to see in the cities. With the delightful nature, Lonavala is also famous for one more thing that is Chikki. This is like a sweet crunchy chocolate but it is made of jaggery and it also contains cashewnuts, peanuts etc. in the Lonavala bazaar, you will find plenty shops of Chikki, after coming in the Lonavala, no one can forget to eat a Chikki. Chikki has become an identity of Lonavala , so don't wait and have it by visiting the Lonavala.

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