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Maharashtra Places to see MAHABALESHWAR

At a glance :

Region : Maharashtra, district Satara

Distance of Place : From Mumbai two hundred forty seven

Altitude Location : One thousand three hundred seventy two meter

Perfect Visiting Time : Month of October - June

This hill station comes under the district Satara of Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar's altitude location is around one thousand three hundred seventy two and it is located among the hills of the Sahyadri.When you start driving towards the uphills you will see the beautiful environment of this place. Traveling to such a nature surrounded hill station is obviously a fabulous experience. The hill station's name Mahabaleshwar comes from the Lord Mahadev's temple and also the combination of three Sanskrit language words Bal means Power, Maha means great and Ishwar means God. The simple meaning of Mahabaleshwar is very potent God; from the name, it looks like this hill station has a past which is mythological. IIt is located around two hundred forty seven kilometer from Mumbai and if you are going from Pune city then the distance would be one hundred twenty kilometer, because of the ease of travel, tourists find this place more easy to travel. To reach different picnic spots of the Mahabaleshwar, you can travel by the private buses and State buses of Transport or else you can hire taxis, which will make your holiday effortless. From the time of the British Empire, Mahabaleshwar hill station is in demand as a holiday spot or destination; from that time people are attracted towards this delightful hill station. If you want to find proof of the British Empire in the Mahabaleshwar, then you can see a number of bungalows which shows the touch of British architecture.

As per change in time, the historical bungalows of Mahabaleshwar have been replaced and now you will see the mansions and houses at the place of ancient bungalows. The new houses which have been built at this place are made in the modern style of architecture. Within  Mahabaleshwar, you will find number of tourist's spots which will definitely stop your breath. And the dazzling Waterfalls and springs add the more gracefulness into the beauty of the Mahabaleshwar. To roam around Mahabaleshwar, you can take vehicles but it will be a nice experience for you, if you will hang out in Mahabaleshwar by walking, because experiencing nature while walking, gives more freedom and enjoyment than hiring a vehicle. Or else you can ride on the nag and hang out. Arthur point is one of the main attractions of the Mahabaeshwar hill station; it is a scenery spot. Arthur is located near the Gau-Mukha, which is believeed as a one source of 5 Deccan Rivers, such as Veena, Krishna, Savitri, Koyna and Gayatri. You can visit the other attractions of Mahabaleshwar like Tiger spring, Castle Rock, Echo Point, Elphiston point, Hunter Point, Wilson Point, Savitri point, Bombay Point, Cannought Point and Babington Point etc. while enjoying holidays, people like to buy things or want to do shopping, which believe as a memory of that place. In Mahabaleshwar, you can do shopping in its bazaar where you can buy the gifts, cloths and slippers.

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