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Maharashtra is positioned in western county of India. It’s India's 3rd leading state pertaining to size and 2nd largest with respect to the population. Mumbai, a multi-ethnic city, is Maharashtra’s capital, and is also considered as India’s financial capital. The documented olden times of Maharashtra extends to the 3rd century BC, and throughout those days, Emperor Ashoka ruled his reign as a component Mauryan Empire. Following the turn down of the Mauryan reign, the Satavahanas feint Maharashtra through 230 BC to 225 AD. Throughout the sovereignty Maharashtra underwent immense cultural enlargement. The authorized language spoken by Satvahanas was Maharashtri that step by step germinated over centuries to seize picture of Modern Marathi.

The natural features of Maharashtra are extended over 3, 08,000 square kilometres. It carves up its borders with Madhya Pradesh in the North, in the South to Karnataka, in the East is Chhattisgarh, to the southwest with Goa and to the southeast is Andhra Pradesh.  To the northwestern side is the location of Dadra Nagar Haveli and Gujarat. Arabian Sea rinses the west coast of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra has diverse and affluence Culture, with its immense lands is revealed in the caves, palaces and forts with its mention in the history. Also through the amalgamation of music, festivals, handicrafts and philosophers a glimpse of the culture of Maharashtra can be looked upon. The culture of Maharashtra signifies a cosmopolitan fresh look. Nagpur, Mumbai, Aurangabad and Pune come under the list of the industrial cities of Maharashtra. The awesome dance forms that Maharashtra is famous for are the Povadas, Lavnis, Bharuds and Gondals all this Dances are performed during specific occasions with a validation. In the chivalric times the music that was written by Sharang Dev, ‘Sangitratnakara’ was very fashionable and was been considered as immense treasure of that times. Maharashtra also has prosperous culture of the theatre. The very popular classical singers of Maharashtra are Pandit Jasraj, Bal Gandharav, Bhimsen Joshi, Kishor Amonkar and many more on the list.

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