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Maharashtra Places to see BIBI KA MAQBARA

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Location : 5km from Aurangabad

Built in : 1661

Construction Cost : Rs.6, 68,203-70

Grave of : Rabia-Ul-Daurani alias Dilras Banu Begum

Architecture : Based on architectural diagram of Taj Mahal.

Bibi ka Maqbara is an impressive mughal mausoleum about 5 kms from Aurangabad city in India. This tomb is built in the memory of his mother, by the son of Mughal Emperor Auranzeb. Prince Azam shah started to construct this tomb in the year 1651 and it took as many as ten years for him to complete the work and dedicate it to his mother named, Rabia-ul-Daurani, alias Dilras Banu Begum. The elaborate and intriguing inscriptions adorn the main entrance door of Bibi Ka Maqbara. This inscription gives us detail about the Tomb and how various people contributed to its magnificent erection. An architect named Ata-Ullah designed it and with the help of an Engineer named Hanspat rai, saw the entire implementation come true. It has been constructed using marbles from the mines located in the ‘pink city’. Essentially, the design of Bibi Ka Maqbara  is based on the architectural diagram of Taj Mahal .It is well known as an imitation of The Taj Mahal but that’s about it . No parallels in beauty, ambience or magnificence can be drawn between the two. It is also known as ‘Taj of Deccan’. Even though it fails to come up to the measure of the Taj, yet it has its own splendor and magnificent appearance that are enhanced by the visually charming and quaint surroundings. The mountain ranges complete the picturesque beauty of this mausoleum. Bibi ka Maqbara has pillared pavilions in the middle of the north, west and eastern parts of the walls that enclose it. Here, once again we get to see the Char-Bagh layout mughal gardens which with their sprawling greenery beautifying the surroundings of the mausoleum.

As you move towards the main entrance through a gate provided in the South, you will observe a brass plate on it which is beautifully decorated with designs of nature in its form of ferns and petals. Before reaching the main structure, you would pass by right after crossing the entrance, a not so big tank and a wall that is completely screened. This pathway which is secured leads you to a trail of fountains in the middle, all along which appear as a serene element adding to the already tranquil surroundings. Bibi ka Maqbara is based soundly on the platform which has minarets one in each corner. Years after this mausoleum was built, one mosque was built towards the west of this tomb.

Below the ground level, is a chamber where lies the mortal remains of Rabia-Ul-Daurani .These are surrounded by a marble screen with eight sides and eight angles and has been embellished with exquisite designs all around. Flooring and the roof of the chamber are well synchronized in their visual beauty. There is a huge octagonal opening which almost pierces the roof, thereby ensuring visibility of the tomb even from the ground level. The top of the Bibi Ka Maqbara has been ornamented, with a massive dome which has latticework piercing it and spectacular panels with floral motifs and designs, adorning it.

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