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Maharashtra Places to see VEERMATA MUSEUM

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Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra

Venue : Byculla, Dr. Ambedkar Road

Landmark : Victoria Gardens

Opening Hours : 9.00 in the morning to 5.30 in the evening

Closing Days : Wednesday

Category : Culture

How to reach there : Buses and trains from all major cities are available

Veermata Museum, popularly known as Victoria and Albert Museum, comprises of several thousands of relics of ancient period. This museum is located amidst Jijamata Udyan and is also known as Bhau Daji Museum. The idea behind setting up of a museum was the brainchild of Dr. Buist who was a Collector in the colonial period.

Highlights of the Museum :

There are numerous items like pottery, paintings, and sculptures that from apart of the display at Veermata Museum. There are several sections at the museum, each of them showcasing the traditional culture of India. Influenced by Graceo-Roman architecture, there are photographs and historical maps that help a tourist peep into the rich culture of Maharashtra.

The museum houses rock cut pieces of architecture that were brought from Elephants Island. The vast collection of antique pieces consists of utensils made in silver and bronze, traditional costumes, fossil preserves, ivory items etc. Most of these pieces of arts are the result of archeological excavations done from time to time. In addition, there is a huge compilation of more than 4000 manuscripts and books that have been categorized for ease of access. Images of Mumbai in colonial period are a must watch for enthusiasts of history.

Exquisite figurines and dioramas are part of the decorative art and craft of India. The figurines were built to avoid costly productions involved in making of big statues. These were taken by British rulers to their native land to let their fellow citizens know more about Indian craft and culture. There is a sculpture of David Sassoon, who was a middleman between merchants of Baghdad and British textile companies. A section of the museum has been exclusively dedicated to different types of hats that were worn by local people of Mumbai.

Botanical gardens stretched over 48 acres form the picturesque backdrop of Veermata Museum. Visitors can stroll through these Gardens which are perfect for picnic spots.

Recently the museum has been renovated under the guidance of National Trust. A video display on the second floor explains the steps taken for renovation.

History of the museum :

The museum was the brainchild of Buist. The earliest curators of the museum were Birdwood and Bhau Daji who proposed the idea of constructing a new building for the museum. Since then there have been major changes both in collection as well as the architecture of the building.

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