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Maharashtra Places to see AGASHI JAIN MANDIR

Crisp facts :

Location : Agashi

Distance : Near Mumbai, from Virar 5km

History : Dates back 400 years

Highlights : Parshwanth

Transportation : Buses and other private vehicles

The Agashi Jain Mandir is located at Virar in Agashi, which is about 5 km from the station. This is the famous Jain temple and many people visit this temple everyday. Saturdays are the special days for visiting this temple and many number of people will visit now, as compared to the other days. This is one of the old temples located in Mumbai with historical dates of origin. This historical temple has many beautiful carvings of the Lords belonging to the Jain community. Shri Munisuratwami Bhagwan is one of the famous and most worshiped Gods of the Jain community. This temple also has special and beautifully decorated carvings belonging to the historical times. There is an option of even staying overnight in this temple for the tourist who come from long distance and also for those who want to stay for long in the temple.

The Agashi Jain Mandir has a spacious environment and this makes the visitors of the temple to feel relaxed and spend good time in the temple peacefully. Too much of crowd has created a demand for the development of the temple and now Agashi Jain Mandir is with the new look making the people to really feel good about it. The development of the temple has also made many new tourist and other people to visit the temple.

The near by railway station of this temple located at Virar is the West Mumbai railway line which is about 5 km distance. There is a good boarding and lodging facilities provided and moreover food is also provided for the pilgrims during the journey. The Nalasopara Lake located nearby has got an archaeological importance. The Agashi Jain Mandir is the most nearby temple for the devotees in Mumbai.  This great temple was constructed according to the promise of Motisha Sheth. Any one who visits Maharashtra must definitely visit this temple and enjoy the spirit and environment. The beautiful environment will become a memorable moment in your life.

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