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Maharashtra Places to see BABULNATH TEMPLE

Babulnath Temple is one of the oldest temples of Mumbai. It is believed that Lord Shiva is present in the form of a Babul tree all over the place. The temple is located in Mumbai at about 1000 ft above sea level. You will feel tranquility and peace inside the Babulnath Temple, even when you reside in Mumbai, which is considered as the most crowded place in Maharashtra. The magnificence and grandeur of the Babulnath Temple will definitely make you forget where you stand, as it allows the individual an illusion of Kailas Parbat (mountain), eternal bodies of Shiv. Climbing a few steps to reach the temple allows you to view few glimpses of hillside panorama from the south of Mumbai.

Every year, there is a huge crowd of devotees who come from various part of the country to get blessings from Lord Shiva. The temple was built 200 yrs ago and is considered to be the roomiest temples in Mumbai. No doubt the followers of Lord Shiva are proud by its varied and rich heritage. The Babulnath Temple is situated at the extreme side of Marine Drive to the south of Malbar hill and was built in 1780. In 1900, they introduced a huge spire to signify as the original home of Lord Shiva. Here stone Lingham of Shiva is worshiped from several years.

History of Babulnath Temple :

The Myth of Babulnath Temple is from two centuries. The legend of the temple goes from the hilly terrain of the south east portion of the Malabar Hill (at present the temple is situated over here). Pandurang, was one of the rich gold smith the man who discovered Lord’s Babulnath Temple in Mumbai. As the area was occupied by cattle who used to graze here and thus no care was taken for Babul, the care taker. Once his cattle were grazing and the caretaker of the animals was shocked to know that one of his cow stopped giving milk. Being asked by Pandurang, Babul was not able to give any answers to the questions neither the logic behind this, which made him inquisitive.

On the very next day, Pandurang saw the entire repeated, but was very much overwhelmed when he got to know where the milk was getting used. From a distance he observed where the cow drops all the milk and when he reached there he found an exceptional “Shivaling”. This is the exact place where the Babulnath Temple was built.

Thousands of devotees during Festivals visit this temple by chanting storats and mantras of Shiv for peace, happiness and prosperity. On Monday, there is a huge crowd in the Babulnath Temple in order to offer prayers and during the month of Sharavan i.e. Aug or Sep, devotees who are associated with Shiv offer milk and chant “Omh Namah Shiv” for several times.

Accodomation :

Mumbai city is the heart of the state Maharashtra and one can get various options for staying in five star rated hotels and resorts. Besides these there are various economic oriented and budget oriented houses.

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