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Maharashtra Places to see VAJRESHWARI HOT SPRINGS

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Location : Vajreshwari, Maharashtra

Located at a distance of about 30 kilometers from Vasai, Vajreshwari is an abode of several Hindu temples and hot springs. One can have the holy dip at the miraculous water and pay devotion to the goddesses like Vajreshwari, Kalika, and Renuka Devi. The waters of Vajreshwari Hot Springs have medicinal properties and are supposed to cure several ailments like blood pressure and skin diseases. The patients of rheumatism are also known to be benefited by the water of the springs.

Vajreshwari Hot Springs are stretched over a distance of about seven kilometers. The other springs at Akoli, Satvalli, and Ganeshpuri are also famous. All these water bodies arise from the bed of Tansa River. The temperature at the springs varies between 43 and 48 degree Celsius.

Among the majority of temples, main temple of Vajreshwari is supposed to be built by Chimaji in 1739. The architecture of the temple is exquisite; located at Mandagiri, this temple is located at a short distance form Vasai.

Religious significance of the place: According to legends, Vajreshwari was visited by the Hindu God Lord Vishnu who incarnated in form of Parshurama. The myths say that the volcanic ashes left over by the yagna performed by him are still intact at Mandakini Hills. Vajreshwari who is considered an incarnation of Parvati, is believed to kill the demon Kalikala. The saints and rishis performed a yagna so as to appease the goddess. Seeing all this, Lord Indra got angry as he was not asked for help by the rishis. In a fit of fury, he threw his vajra weapon to stop the yagna. But Parvati swallowed the weapon and pacified the Lord.

History of the temple: Chimaji, the builder of the temple, was at fight with the Portuguese. Bassein Fort was the bone of contention for them. Despite trying for many years, Chimaji was not able to defeat the enemies. So he started praying to goddess Vajreshwari. After capturing the Fort, Vajreshwari Temple was built by him.

Attractions at springs :

Vajreshwari Hot Springs are a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Their waters have high content of sulphur in it which is supposed to have curative properties. One can spend a relaxing weekend at the springs whose waters have soothing effect on body and soul. This place of solitude is located in splendid natural beauty. The springs are also known by the name Kundans.

The place provide for tent facilities in order to change cloths that are covered. The tents have cots made in jute; these are for providing rest after baths. Rented mugs can be availed by paying minimal amount. The bathing temperature is pleasant and waters are not too hot. After having the holy bath, one can visit the temple which is located nearby. The temple has about 50 steps. The interior has idols of three goddesses decorated nicely. Devotees are free to give the offerings at the temple. One can take part in Puja ceremonies that take place in the temple premises.

A nine day long festival of Navratri is another highlight for those who visit Vajreshwari Hot Springs. Several other festivals like Holi, Diwali etc are also celebrating with full zeal. So if the visitors visit the place during these festivals, they can enjoy the festivities also.

Accommodations at the place :

There are myriad resorts that can provide excellent accommodation facilities to the visitors. Silent Hills Resort is located amidst breathtaking beauty of nature. It is equipped with all the luxurious amenities like spa, swimming pool, restaurants and many more. Tansa Resort is a hotel that provides stays at economical prices. Yet another resort by the name Pawan offers laundry and car rental facilities to the visitors.

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