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Maharashtra Places to see LONAR LAKE

Fast Facts :

Situated : Buldhana District, (Maharastra)

Famous for : In the whole world, this is the biggest natural salt-water lake.

The shape of this lake is like a bowl. This lake came into existence when a huge meteor from the space descended on the earth some 50,000 years ago. This lake is 7 km in consideration and the diameter is 1.8km .This is the oldest and the largest meteoric crater in the whole world.

This lake was created by the hypervelocity of meteoritic affect in basaltic rock and the research has shown that the meteor, which had stroked was sixty meters in diameters.Lonar has been recorded to be the third biggest natural salt-water lake in the world.

One of the British officers C.J.E Alexander noticed this lake and in 1896, GK Gilbert conducted thorough research to prove the existence. The lake was proved to be formed due to the meteoric hit by using Cosmic Ray.

This crater is gifted with distinctive self-emerged ecosystem heading to evolution of new forms of life. Blue green algae, Spirula are found in the lake. This lake is an attractive brackish lake. There are many features of moon rocks found in the rocks here.

 This lake has been mentioned in the ancient scripts. It is mentioned in Aain-i-Akbari .There was a salt factory during the era of Emperor Akbar.The name of the lake has been mentioned in Sanskrit literature Viraj Mahatma. In ancient time, this lake was known, as Viraj Kshetra.There is an old temple of Lord Vishnu, which was built in the 13th century during the era of Chalukya. This Temple has a width of (450m) and is (150m) long .This temple is a magnificent example of huge and lustrous ancient structure.

The Paphareshwar pilgrimage is close to this lake .This temple has ancient Sanskrit engravings, which are still not deciphered.

Accommodations :

There is a rest house provided by the forest officials and also a tourist complex by Maharastra Tourism Development Corporation is been exaggerated.

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