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Maharashtra Places to see CHINCHOTI WATERFALLS

Quick Five :

  • Location :  Vasai, Maharashtra

  • Nearby Attractions : Tungareshwar and Kamandurga

  • Best time to visit :  June to October

  • Transport :  Rail / Road / Local Transportation

  • Accommodation :  Mostly all the hotels are available in Mumbai or Vasai.

Chinchoti waterfall, Vasai :

Chinchoti waterfall is situated in the suburbs of Mumbai. The Western Railway line in Mumbai has one of the Stations as Vasai where there is a beautiful Chinchoti waterfall located. Chinchoti is an ideal place for a one day picnic and adventure. Between the big rocks and at the center of thick forest there is Chinchoti waterfall which flows continuously from June to October giving us the breathtaking and picturesque view. This waterfall is not only famous between the people of Vasai but also people from all over Mumbai. This place is famous among all the youngsters.

Many tourists visit this place through Kaman village on Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. There is a jungle path through Tungareshwar which is adventurous but dangerous and only known to a few people. In fact there are two jungle routes meeting at different spots in Chinchoti waterfalls.

The water of Chinchoti comes from a height of around 125 feet and the gracing sound of the water makes you feel amazing. The huge falls are enjoyed by the tourists. The main attraction is the pure water falling from the small big waterfalls surrounded by the greenery.

Many different kind of birds, small reptiles, monkeys and different kind of animals will make you remember this journey forever.

There are little streams of water which flows through the round stones on the way to the waterfall which looks very beautiful. The pure form of nature gives a wonderful feeling.

The location is not so far from Mumbai but it is advisable not to stay back at the place after 6.00 pm as there are some wild animals seen which are dangerous. There are different signboards placed on the way to guide tourists about the Do’s & Don’ts on the way to the waterfall and in the waterfall.

Near by Attractions :

There are two places nearby Chinchoti waterfalls, Tungareshwar and Kamandurga which attracts many tourists and is beautiful and famous among people. Those who visits Chinchoti will visit these places as they are not much far.

Tungareshwar is usually crowded during weekends in monsoon as the plateau is thickly forested and is the highest plateau in this region.

Kamandurga is a dome shaped peak near Tungareshwar.
Accommodation :

There are lots of options of staying but not in Chinchoti. You can book a hotel anywhere in Mumbai or Vasai which are available and are not far from Chinchoti waterfall.

Transportation :
Railway : The nearest station to Chinchoti is Vasai which is in the suburbs of the Western Railway line of Mumbai as is well connected with the other cities. Vasai has a good frequency of trains available. From there people can take a bus to Kaman phata to reach Chinchoti waterfall.

Road :
Tourists can hire a direct taxi from Mumbai. People coming from there private cars need to reach Vasai Phata.

Local transport : Auto rickshaws and local buses are available.

Things Important to carry :

Mineral Water Bottle, Some extra clothes, First Aid Kit and camera.

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