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Maharashtra Places to see MAHARASHTRA WILDLIFE

Just as its art, craft, Culture, tradition, devotion, cuisines, and people at heart, Maharashtra is as rich when coming to wildlife in the state. As a place of interest for all nature and wildlife lovers, Maharashtra serves with a huge number of national parks and sanctuaries that dole out as homes for numerous and various wild creatures - terrestrial, avian and aquatic.

One can witness and experience facade with the wildest of creatures in the sanctuaries that shelter the wildlife of Maharashtra. These include species of the Crocodile, Sambar, Bison, Neelgai, Gawa, and Wild Deer. There are varieties of other creatures, like birds, in the collection of wildlife of Maharashtra. Birds seen in the Maharashtrian sanctuaries are inhabitant as well as migratory. There is avifauna found in a vast diversity in the wildlife havens in Maharashtra. The blazing colors of flying birds mesmerize the viewers. The terrestrial skills of animals and avian ones of birds are the major source of entertainment for visitors from all over the world. Few birds are well known to imitate the voices and sounds of other birds, which is an amazingly distinct characteristic here, among the wildlife of Maharashtra.

A few regions of importance in aspect of the wildlife of Maharashtra are discussed further, along with names of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, numerous to count, in Maharashtra, which serve as reserves for the astounding and rich, but scarce wildlife of the state and the nation. In Melghat, Amravati, there is a tiger reserve sanctuary, which takes care of few of the fewer tigers remaining in the country. Next is the wildlife sanctuary popular for its lush green hills, mountains and dales - the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary - which offers a colorful air, as in birds flying around in vibrant colors, their sights and flights mesmerizing the eyes while sweet sounds serving melodies to the ears. Few more wildlife havens in Maharashtra, to list, are the Navegaon National Park which is located in the Navegaon region of Maharashtra, the Tadoba National Park in the Vidarbha, which is also called ‘The Jewel of Vidarbha’  and the Gondia forests in the Vidarbha region again.

Want some refreshment? Well, you need to visit the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, the ultimate paradise for tree and greenery lovers. A huge variety of diverse trees will enchant your eyes and mind. Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Nayagaon Mayur Sanctuary, Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary and others are few more gems in the crown of wildlife of Maharashtra. A splendid opportunity to view an array of delightful wildlife havens, in their own magnificent natural setting, in Maharashtra - I’m sure you wont miss it.

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