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Maharashtra Places to see ANERDAM WILDLIFE SANCTUARY

Tips on clicks :

  • Located on the Bombay- Agra Naional Highway in Shirpur Tehsil of the district Dhule in Maharashtra.

  • Major attractions are the sanctuary and the environment, which is the Paradise for Nature Lovers.

  • Ideal season to visit this place is from November to February.

Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra - Welcome!

One of the major attractions of the state of Maharashtra in India is its vivid wildlife. And one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in state is the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located on the Bombay- Agra Highway, in Shirpur Tehsil of the Dhule district in Maharashtra. It lies to the southwest of the Satpura ranges and shares its margins with the Yawal sanctuary and a few other sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh. By the look of it, the place looks more than just a wildlife sanctuary, in fact looks different from an animal refuge. There is a stream that flows through the lands of the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, and is banked by lush green pastures. Since the place is guarded by high mountain ranges of the Satpuras, in the backdrop, with the water reservoir and the greenery it looks like a beautiful countryside landscape, more like a painting than a real scene.

The fauna :

Wildlife of the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary had been rich in its initial times. This animals’ haven is now trying to re-achieve its previous status in terms of fauna variety and density. The most common kind of animals found here are very uncommon and rare outside the circumference of the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary. The rich collection of an array of animals here include the Barking Deer, hares, Porcupines, Jungle Cats, Chikaras, and the most common of all, the Monitor Lizards. These are few of the resident animals, but there are a few migrants that can be found here throughout the year, but particular tot heir seasons of migration. These migrant animals include Jackals, Hyenas, Wild Boars and Wolves. Other additions to the resident animals and birds in the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary are Peafs, Egrets, Partridges, Herons, Corts, Qualis, Cormorants, Spot Bills, Owls and Eagle Hamers. A variety of birds that migrate to this place significantly include the Cranes, Brahming Ducks, Waders and Stokes.

The flora :

As well as the rich fauna life, the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary also boasts its collection of flora. This is one of the lesser places in the country where vegetation has still been preserved. Common kinds of trees that enrich the lands of this sanctuary are species of the Babul, Khair, Hiwar, Dhawda, Salaia, Palas and Terminenalia. Shrubs and other small plants also dominate the vegetative picturesque of the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the most common shrubs are Vitex Nigundo, Solanium, Casia Auriculata, Lantna, Giganteum, Zizphus Helicteres Isora, and so on. Various species of grasses that are widespread all over the land of this animals’ haven are Bhuri, Kusal, Kunda, Rosa, Sheda and Kusali. Many other wild flowers and plants also thrive here numerous in number.

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