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Maharashtra Places to see DAJIPUR BISON SANCTUARY

Dajipur Bison Sanctuary, Maharashtra - Welcome!

Situated on the outskirts of Kolhapur city and the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, the Dajipur Bison Sanctuary lays in the lap of the Radhanagari Dam, in the backwoods. The craggy mountainous terrains contain wildlife and forests in abundance here. The Dajipur Bison Sanctuary is like a jungle resort in the wild and rugged lands of Kolhapur, which is completely off the human habitat. The way to the sanctuary is a typical forest path, lonely and vacant, with thick and dense woods on both the sides of the road. The excitement of visiting the sanctuary and meeting the wildlife therein already begins in the course of traveling towards the place.

The fauna :

To attract the tourists here, nature has adorned this sanctuary with a rich wildlife. Since it is famous as a Bison sanctuary, there are Bisons in huge numbers, found in abundance. Other animals like the Wild Deer, Gawa and the Chital are present here. The bisons and deer comprise of the most exotic collection in the Dajipur Bison Sanctuary. As well as them, other wild fauna is also speculated here. Also, the sanctuary is rich in offering variety of unique and interesting avifauna.

The flora :

The animal resort is so scenic in terms of its wild flora that it is known as the destination for nature lovers, in Kolhapur. Wildlife enthusiasts and botanical students and teachers have a lot in store for enlightening excursion at the Dajipur Bison Sanctuary.

Other attractions nearby :

Apart from the rich wildlife in the sanctuary, there are other places of interest in the vicinity of the sanctuary. There is a Gangagiri Maharaj Math - an old shrine - in the forest area, which can be a truly pleasant place to be after having a rendezvous with the wildlife. Also, there are places for adventure sports and special camps for Trekking that are more to the fun that an outing to the Dajipur Bison Sanctuary promises.

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