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Maharashtra Places to see JIJAMATA UDYAN ZOO

Tips on clicks :

  • Located in South Mumbai, precisely at Byculla, in Maharashtra.

  • Home to most of the rare and endangered species of wildlife.

  • Open on all days except Wednesday.

  • Visiting hours - from 10:00 in morning to 5:00 in evening.

  • Ideal visiting season - throughout the year.

Jijamata Udyan Zoo, Mumbai, Maharashtra - Welcome!

Amidst the tired and busy life of South Mumbai lays this old Zoo or Animal Park, named Jijamata Udyan Zoo. This place is named after Queen Jijamata - the proud mother of the brave Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Since, it was built by the British men; the initial name of the zoo was Victoria Gardens, which later came upon to be Jijamata Udyan. Hence, this zoo is locally popular as Rani Baug, meaning the Queens’ Garden. Rested here in the ear 1861, this is the only existing Zoo in the heart of the Mumbai city, in the times of today. It is home to the various wild creatures which are rare as well as endangered of extinction.

Entering the Zoo :

From the external look of it, the zoo just seems like a children’s park among the other low income houses or the Chawls that stand surrounding it. But, the garden is too vast from within. The entrance of the park is a huge clock tower which reminds of Italian renaissance and architecture. There are various trees in the Garden which are quite old and yet strong enough to shelter the wildlife surviving within.

The fauna :

There is a huge variety of animals in this zoo, but for each of the species, the number of specimens is less. Since these are endangered animals, they are kept in cages to avoid any conflicts with the visitors. There can be seen animals of children’s interest like lion, tiger, elephant, crocodile, bear, hippo, barking deer, wild dogs, etc. Even birds like parrots (of different colors), mynas, swans, ducks, eagles, vultures and so on are kept here in the zoo for visitors to have a look at. There is a separate section in the zoo which has snakes in display. A huge variety of diverse types of snakes and other reptiles like chameleons and lizards are also present. The great King Kobra snake is also a part of this zoo, which adds to the splendor of the wildlife that exists here. The aquatic section consists of water reservoirs with a variety of fishes, toads, frogs, water snakes, crocodiles, turtles and so on. Not just wild, but timid and domestic animals like horse, rabbits and mice are also kept to display.

It is often thought that since it is a zoo, it would be so cruel to keep animals tied up here and away from their natural habitat. But, the scene in here is completely different. The Jijamata Udyan Zoo comprises of various habitats which are personal to each of the animals that survive here. Though in cages, yet the place offers them a sufficient area to feel as if they are in their own home and not in some forbidden zoo. This is a unique feature of the Jijamata Udyan Zoo.

Other attractions in the Zoo :

Apart from the wildlife, there is a children’s park in the campus of the zoo. There are different types of games and rides here, which kids and youngsters can enjoy while their parents are busy discussing their experience with the animals. It is a true wonder to be here in the Jijamata Udyan Zoo or the Rani Baug. People resident to Mumbai themselves visit this place quite often. I think, then, it is a must for the new tourists to have a day out of their touring schedule to see this place. It is a true fun place for people of all ages and kinds.

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