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Maharashtra Places to see KOYNA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY

Tips on clicks :

  • Located in the Satara District of Maharashtra.

  • Spans to a total area of around 424 sq. km.

  • Other attractions nearby are the Shivsagar Reservoir and the Koyna Dam.

  • Ideal visiting season is from October to January.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra - Welcome!

Located in the Western part of Maharashtra, pride of the Satara District, the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary covers a total area of about 424 sq. km. Both the western and the eastern catchments of the Koyna Dam, which is a major part of the hydroelectric project center in west part of Maharashtra, are in the embrace of this sanctuary. The steep slopes of the Western Ghats on two sides and the large extents of the Shivsagar reservoir together protect the sanctuary a good deal. There is a cover of thick vegetation that connects the sanctuary to the external world. In the south, it has Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary.

The fauna :

The sanctuary displays a great collection of exotic wild animals and birds. Terrestrial wild fauna like Tigers, Gaurs, Panthers, Sambars, Sloth Bears, Mouse Deers, Barking Deer, Dholes, Otters, Giant Squirrels, Common Langoors, Cobras and Pythons. The avifauna of the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary includes Woodpeckers like the Heart Spotted, Brown Capped and Rufous Woodpeckers, Longtailed Nightjar, Goshawk, and the Faury Bluebird. What is unique about this sanctuary is that these birds are very rarely found at places other than here, in Western Ghats. Apart from these species, the sanctuary shelters Bufo Koynansis, and unique species of it. It has a special habitat in this sanctuary, qite similar to it original habitat.

The flora :

The land and vegetation in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary consists of southern tropical forests of evergreen type. Trees like Anjani, Hirda, Jambhul, Pisa, Awala, Ain, Amba, Kinjal, Kumbha, Chandala, Bhoma, Umbar, Nana, Katak, Gela, Bibba, Jambha, and so on, are found to be dominating the lands of the sanctuary. Karvi is dotted all through the forests. As well as these major trees, there are climbers, shrubs and medicinal herbs also present among the wild flora of the sanctuary. Climbers such as Shikekai and Garambi, and medicinal herbs like Karvand, Toran, Tamalpati, Ranmiri, Vagati, Dhayati, Narkya, Kadipatta, Murudsheng and so on, are also included among the list of forest vegetations in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Quite a few species of wildlife vegetation, which are rare and endangered, exist in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, like Ran - Jaiphal and Garambi, Dhup, Longan, Eupohoria, and Elecoarpus Tectorium. Giant species of trees, like Turpunita Malbarica and Harpullia Arborea that are indigenous to the Western Ghats of Maharashtra can also be seen in the sanctuary premises.

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