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Maharashtra Places to see NAVEGAON NATIONAL PARK

Tips on clicks :

  • Located in Navegaon in Gondia, belonging to Maharashtra state.

  • Spans to a total area of 135 sq. km.

  • Major attractions - Deer Park, Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Three landscape gardens, and an Aviary.

  • Visiting hours - 4 am to 7 pm.

  • Ideal visiting season - between October and May.

Navegaon National Park, Maharashtra - Welcome!

The Vidarbha region of Maharashtra is proud to be the home land to one of the most famous wildlife resorts in the country - the Navegaon National Park that occupies a huge area of 135 sq. km. There are many pieces to explore of the jigsaw when you visit the Navegaon National Park, from animal and bird havens to splendid landscape work of nature, reservoirs of crystal clear water passing amidst the hill ranges, and, subtle but equally wonderful, the experience of winding around the trails that lead you towards the national park. There are high watch towers in the premises of the sanctuary that enable it for visitors to have a top view of the entire campus, with the Deer Park, the Aviary and three wonderfully landscaped gardens.

The fauna :

The Navegaon National Park is better known as a bird sanctuary that a wildlife haven. There is a place to discover the rich avifauna in the park, named Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, and it is known as the Bird Watchers’ Paradise, built in the memory of the renowned ornithologist. Over 60 % of bird species in the entire Maharashtra are found to be a part of the Navegaon National Park. It is an experience of utmost excitement to spot exotic birds like the scarlet minivet, sapphire blue flash, paradise bird catcher, or a kingfisher, when they skim the surface of the lake to fill themselves up with fish. The time from October to May is ideally ideal to set foot in this bird sanctuary, as there are whole flocks of migrant ducks and other wetland birds arriving to this place when the winds turn cold. The mornings of misty winter here, accompanied by the loud and diverse calls of these birds is just like a perfect start of a day on a vacation.

Though this place is more proud and famous being a birds’ haven, there are a few species of the terrestrial fauna that reside here. The most commonly sighted animals include names like the Bisons, Panthers, Leopards, Tigers, Chitals, Sloth Bears, Langoors, Gaurs, Wild Dogs, Sambars, Nilgais, etc., though less of them, in number, are witnessed at a time.

The flora :

The Navegaon National Park flora consists of forest lands, with vegetation of typical Sauthern mixed dry deciduous type. This kind of vegetation is admired of trees like Teak, Bhor, Bhrl, Mahua, Ain, Jamun, Haldu, Kawat, and so on. Apart from these, there are smaller plants, shrubs and herbs that fill the scene of the forests.

Enthusiastic activities :

The jungle Safari is one of the major attractions when in this park. Strolling through the woods of this beautiful forest with crossed paths against wild animals, watching them leisure in their natural habitats is also no less than an engaging attraction. A day spent over the forest, in the tree top house, built in an amazing manner over the top of a tree is one of the most unique experiences of life one can have here in the Navegaon National Park. Also, there is a Lake nearby, the Navegaon Lake, and riding a power boat or a sail boat here is another thrilling job you can do.

Navegaon - the legendary significance :

There is a lake in close proximity with the Navegaon National Park, which has an amazing Legend to describe about itself. In the beginning of the 18th century, Kolu Patel Kohli, who is known as the ‘Kolasur Deo’ now, had created this lake. In the environs of the lake, there stands high up, a shrine of the Kolasur Deo, on one of the 7 peaks which are known as the Sat Bahini, meaning the seven sisters. The legend says that these seven peaks were deities who helped Kolu Deo to bring about the building of this lake into existence. The land circumferencing the lake possesses a tiny Hanuman Temple built around an idol of Lord Hanuman, who is known to be the deity of power and strength. Feet of this idol are said to even extend to a great depth under the embankment of the lake. Another legend about this lake is that an island named Maldonger existed in the middle of the lake waters. This island was used by ancient villagers to seek refuge from the looting Pindaris group of tribal robbers.

Nearby attractions :

There are a few more sanctuaries, like the Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, and a few other places, like the Itiadoh Dam, Pratapgad, and Tibetan Camp at Gothangaon to visit in the vicinity of the Navegaon National Park.

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